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demonrail666 04.20.2007 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
powerslave is so much better.

well, I can't disagree with that I suppose.

Jt 04.20.2007 01:33 PM

Today it's been two albums:


Amusement Parks On Fire - S/T


Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms

drrrtyboots 04.20.2007 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by whorefrost
Fake Train by Unwound. It's actually kicking my ass.

As it should!

Kaki King - ...Until We Felt Red

Torn Curtain 04.20.2007 02:27 PM

Nels Cline and Glenn Kotche - 2007-02-26 - San Francisco (from dime)

floatingslowly 04.20.2007 06:26 PM




Pookie 04.21.2007 02:26 AM


Torn Curtain 04.21.2007 04:42 AM

Tom Verlaine - Torino Italy Big Club - 4 August 1987 (from dime)

Signpost 04.21.2007 07:34 AM


sarramkrop 04.21.2007 07:35 AM

Merzbow - Space Metalizer

nicfit 04.21.2007 07:37 AM

The God Machine (thanks for reminding me how good they are, pork) and Lily Allen. One song each.

jico. 04.21.2007 10:26 AM


well tuned piano - la monte young (LP1)

RdTv 04.21.2007 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by jico.

well tuned piano - la monte young (LP1)

Insanity!! I just put that on......

RdTv 04.21.2007 10:39 AM

As am I....just strange timing on our parts...

PAULYBEE2656 04.21.2007 12:31 PM

sophia- all this talk of the god machine and my recent god machine find, i decided to chill with sophia.....

sarramkrop 04.21.2007 12:34 PM

Welcome to the fanclub.

Everyneurotic 04.21.2007 12:52 PM

i'll get to the god machine in a little while but for now:


Jt 04.21.2007 07:34 PM


youthoftomorrow 04.21.2007 08:13 PM


Tokolosh 04.22.2007 04:38 AM

Blasting The God Machine with the windows wide open, on a sunny Sunday morning.

pbradley 04.22.2007 05:17 AM

I've been spinnin Drive Like Jehu's self-titled, Meat Puppet's II and Up On The Sun in preparation for show comin up, and Patti Smith's Twelve.

RdTv 04.22.2007 08:42 AM


Iain 04.22.2007 11:59 AM

Working my way through what I just bought (see other thread). Started with Carnival in Babylon by Amon Duul II and it was very pleasing because I was fearing that it was edging into Amon Duul II's 'rubbish' phase. Really nice though.

Now I am listening to the Ralph Before '84 thing which is a comp of Residents tracks from, well, before the year 1984. It's also pleasing me greatly.

MellySingsDoom 04.22.2007 12:07 PM

Ut's "Griller". It's nice, yes?

sellouteater 04.22.2007 12:29 PM

764 hero

k-krack 04.22.2007 12:34 PM

Neon Bible ended a bit ago, now Funeral.
Soon I'll put on my Statues- New People Make Us Nervous LP

Bunbury 04.22.2007 04:20 PM

Kill the DJ introducing The Dysfunctional Family-
Chloé and Ivan Smagghe

Breakdance hunks report to the dance floor.
Ladys with moustaches report to the dance floor.

fugazifan 04.22.2007 04:22 PM

big black-song about fucking
i havent heard this album in a while. i always prefer the rich mans eight track tape to this. but shit, this is struill a great album!

i downloaded yesterday
il trovatore by verdi
and la boheme...
operas kick ass!

RdTv 04.23.2007 03:30 AM


jimbrim 04.23.2007 07:51 AM

Growing - The soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light

musicfallinglikesnow 04.23.2007 08:02 AM

"Take a trip" - The Velvet Underground. Much better than "Live MCMXCIII"...

jico. 04.23.2007 08:20 AM

Dead C - Harsh 70s Reality

whorefrost 04.23.2007 08:21 AM

Magik Markers - Inverted Belgium

Fairly sure this is my favourite record of the 21st century thus far

sonic sphere 04.23.2007 08:49 AM

the jesus & mary chain-automatic

musicfallinglikesnow 04.23.2007 09:05 AM

Roy Orbison - "The very best of..."

jico. 04.23.2007 09:45 AM


baby is on fiiiireeeee....

i want this LP so hard......... alsd ,alsrmjqwfiefwasdafmpfi0inagsg

musicfallinglikesnow 04.23.2007 10:17 AM

Jico, have you checked the "Baby's on fire" version in "June 1st, 1974" album? It's pretty good.
Probably you have, well if you don't get that other one you could get this one.

SynthethicalY 04.23.2007 10:18 AM

Disintergration- The Cure

fugazifan 04.23.2007 12:44 PM

marc ribot-Yo! i killed your god

sun city girl 04.23.2007 01:52 PM


jico. 04.23.2007 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by musicfallinglikesnow
Jico, have you checked the "Baby's on fire" version in "June 1st, 1974" album? It's pretty good.
Probably you have, well if you don't get that other one you could get this one.

yeah, i saw that on ebay :)

let's see if win the bid...

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