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HaydenAsche 09.02.2006 12:26 AM

The movie 'the Haunting' playing in the other room.

static-harmony 09.02.2006 12:29 AM

be your own Pet- be your own Pet

static-harmony 09.02.2006 01:33 AM

Are tickets still on sale for any of their L.A. shows?

Now The White Stripes-White Blood Cells

Tokolosh 09.02.2006 05:04 AM


sonic sphere 09.02.2006 09:19 AM

the west coast pop art experimental band-vol. 3 a child's guide to good & evil.

bit of a mouthful but really good!

finding nobody 09.02.2006 11:24 AM


DemonBox 09.02.2006 11:42 AM

The White Stripes - First Peel Session

Orta 09.02.2006 11:55 AM

Sonic Youth - Skip Tracer

porkmarras 09.02.2006 02:28 PM


TheDom 09.02.2006 02:44 PM

grateful dead - skull & roses

nomadicfollower 09.02.2006 03:09 PM

More Jesus Lizard. Goat.

HaydenAsche 09.02.2006 03:46 PM

Thom Yorke - The Eraser

acousticrock87 09.02.2006 05:22 PM

Dragon Ash - Lily of Da Valley

HaydenAsche 09.02.2006 05:24 PM

Radiohead - The Bends

porkmarras 09.02.2006 05:53 PM


Ice Cube
It Was A Good Day
[Ice Cube]Break 'em off somethin[inhales] Shit..[exhales] Yo..Yo.. uhh..[Verse One]Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank GodI don't know but today seems kinda oddNo barkin from the dog, no smogAnd momma cooked a breakfast with no hog (damn)I got my grub on, but didn't pig outFinally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out(Whassup?) Hooked it up for later as I hit the do'Thinkin will I live, another twenty-fo'I gotta go cause I got me a drop topAnd if I hit the switch, I can make the ass dropHad to stop, at a red lightLookin in my mirror and not a jacker in sightAnd everything is alrightI got a beep from Kim, and she can fuck all nightCalled up the homies and I'm askin y'allWhich park, are y'all playin basketball?Get me on the court and I'm troubleLast week fucked around and got a triple doubleFreakin niggaz everyway like M.J.I can't believe, today was a good day (shit!)[Verse Two]Drove to the pad and hit the showersDidn't even get no static from the cowardsCause just yesterday them fools tried to blast meSaw the police and they rolled right past meNo flexin, didn't even look in a nigga's directionas I ran the intersectionWent to $hort Dog's house, they was watchin Yo! MTV RapsWhat's the haps on the craps?Shake 'em up, shake 'em up, shake 'em up, shake 'emRoll 'em in a circle of niggaz and watch me break 'emwith the seven, seven-eleven, seven-elevenSeven even back do' Lil' JoeI picked up the cash flowThen we played bones, and I'm yellin dominoPlus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.Today was a good day (shit!)[Verse Three]Left my nigga's house paid (what)Picked up a girl been tryin to fuck since the 12th gradeIt's ironic, I had the brew she had the chronicThe Lakers beat the SupersonicsI felt on the big fat fannyPulled out the jammy, and killed the punannyAnd my dick runs deep, so deepSo deep put her ass to sleepWoke her up around oneShe didn't hesitate, to call Ice Cube the top gunDrove her to the pad and I'm coastinTook another sip of the potion hit the three-wheel motionI was glad everything had worked outDropped her ass off and then chirped outToday was like one of those fly dreamsDidn't even see a berry flashin those high beamsNo helicopter looking for a murder Two in the mornin got the Fatburger Even saw the lights of the Goodyear BlimpAnd it read, "Ice Cube's a pimp" (yeah)Drunk as hell but no throwin up Half way home and my pager still blowin upToday I didn't even have to use my A.K.I got to say it was a good day (shit!)[Ice Cube]Hey wait, wait a minute Pooh, stop this shitWhat the fuck I'm thinkin about?

touch me i'm sick 09.02.2006 06:03 PM

soon to be live violent femmes

TheDom 09.02.2006 06:04 PM

grateful dead - 2 from the vault.

its been a dead day.

Norma J 09.02.2006 08:12 PM

Bringing It All Back Home

porkmarras 09.02.2006 08:44 PM

Release title:
Serotonin Ronin
Catalogue number:
CD in sleeve, 50 in jewel case

Release date:
30 Jun 98


A sampler of the biggest hits off our first 10 releases, plus five previously unreleased tracks for the collectors out there...

Track listing:

1 Alchemysts "Forget About It"
2 Salamander "Hazy"
3 Stone Breath "The Silver Thread"
4 The Green Pajamas "We're Flying"
5 Abunai! "John Riley"*
6 Alastair Galbraith "Rivulets"
7 Primordial Undermind "Windy and Warped"*
8 Azusa Plane "Temporal Continuum"
9 Stone Breath "Wisdom on the Moth's Wing"
10 Black Swan Network "The Late Music II"
11 Primordial Undermind "Fall and Break"
12 Alastair Galbraith "Wheeler"
13 Abunai "77 Gaza Strip"
14 The Green Pajamas "The Fall"*
15 Stone Breath "Through the Trees (A prophecy)"*
16 Dorothy Flight Pattern "We Watched Them"*
17 Alastair Galbraith "Star"

*=unreleased previously and exclusive!

Sleeves are laser-printed on parchment-style paper folded with the disc and probably in a poly bag with a handful in jewel cases. Art by Timothy Renner of Mourning Cloak/Stone Breath and Terrastock I and II poster and t-shirt fame.

First time i had heard Clone's music.The Alastair Galbraith track is like,wow!!


Norma J 09.02.2006 08:47 PM

Another Side of Bob Dylan.

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