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_tunic_ 06.04.2012 11:50 PM

Plus Instruments LP "Februari - April '81" (with Lee)
Merch desk in Antwerpen was selling this album in very limited quantity (I think he said 15, but I might have misheard him). Full details are in the link below, and it's more or less the same text as what's written on the back of the album


(only the first album on that site is the one with Lee).

Haven't listened to it yet, so no clue what it is. Will give it a spin tonight.

hipster_bebop_junkie 06.05.2012 12:41 AM

It's actually limited to 500 copies. Some vague information about this reissue was posted a few days ago at Poutre Apparente but nothing concrete in regards to how to order. Truus de Groot has mentioned there will be details about ordering at Plus Instruments' official website in a few weeks.

_tunic_ 06.05.2012 01:01 AM

it's a brand new release, according to her Tour page there was a release party in Paris on May 27. So probably it will be on offer on her site shortly.

Pretty bizarre that I line in the same town as she does, and I've never heard of her. Probably tells more about me then her though.

hipster_bebop_junkie 06.05.2012 01:11 AM

Yeah, that's the extent of the news at the moment, indeed. There are some .mp3 excerpts on that French site I mentioned, for those who are into streaming to get an idea what to expect:

And if you weren't familiar at all, you'd be happy to check out some awesome pictures of Plus Instruments in 1981, that were posted last year to facemook (I shamefully stole them and posted them at the Sonic Snapshots thread):

_tunic_ 06.06.2012 12:20 AM

Cool pix indeed, some of those are also included with the album on an inner sleeve sheet.
Listened to the album once, and I liked it. Which means I'm keeping it, would have sold it to someone here if I didn't. Which also means that it isn't some kind of freakjazz improv album. It's a bit like the first SY album, mixed with a bit of B-52's, new wave, Tape Cuts Tape (a Belgian band I still want to see someday soon see e.g. ), and heck I don't know all those bands from the late seventies because all I listened to back then was Motown and Bee Gees :D
Some vocals may be by Lee, but not entirely sure.

skipvacuum 06.26.2012 04:12 PM

just got's ok

vomir 01.12.2013 04:53 AM

absolutely great reissue
poutre apparente is a hell of a label

Chris Lawrence 10.13.2013 06:54 PM

Any chance someone saved the Plus Instruments photos that hipster_bebop_junkie refers to above? The Facebook links are no longer active.

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