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Moshe 08.23.2006 02:15 PM

Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover The Diamond Sea

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Diamond Sea (Sonic Youth cover) ”

Unclear whose star's hitching whose wagon here: SY and YYY have been parading around like tabloid inamoratas lately, making out at stoplights, sharing milkshakes, co-headlining pool parties. Now they're fucking with covers. Bad idea if you ask me-- New York torch-passings mostly end in fire. Smartly, the Yeahs take the humble route, opting for lame strums and letting Karen O coo the chowder-thick guitar hook. She blows Thurston Moore's original vocal wide open, picking up on the song's discreet marching quality without drowning it in lugubriousness. A late, great boys-only bridge coaxes Endless Summer vibes from Nick Zinner's reverb-soused amp, with brushed snare scratches providing the obvious wave metaphor. I still prefer the Youth's quarter-hour wash cycle, but at least, as iTunes Music Store user Insane Harry Potter Fan!!! puts it, this take is "good to study to."

scott v 08.23.2006 03:15 PM

yeah its abit baffling considering all the songs in the SY back catalog that the yeahs yeah yeahs could choose from, this being soemwhat an unlikely choice... i think "Flower" would be an obvious one.

Daddylikes 08.23.2006 03:32 PM

who's posting the YouSendIt?

Forensic Scene 08.23.2006 04:52 PM

Please Someone Post The Track!

Alex's Trip 08.23.2006 05:07 PM

Check your itunes people!

Alex's Trip 08.23.2006 05:12 PM



greenlight 08.23.2006 05:31 PM

right on!
more appreciation for sy from other bands, please.
they deserve it.
thanks for upload alex.
just started to dl. it....

Everyneurotic 08.23.2006 05:33 PM

i can only imagine that steaming pile of crap.

i bet it's going to sound like venom attempting to cover battles, minus the cool sloppy mess and black makeup factors.

actually, i bet it's going to sound like when muse tried to cover "dracula mountain" by lightning bolt

Daddylikes 08.23.2006 05:35 PM

you need to convert it to a non itunes tune. otherwise we have to pay for it:P

Alex's Trip 08.23.2006 05:41 PM

? You mean the yousendit thing didn't work?

EvdWee 08.23.2006 05:44 PM

it does, but we have to fill in a password from your account on which you probrably bought it when we want to play the file in itunes

Alex's Trip 08.23.2006 05:47 PM

I am converting it now...

EvdWee 08.23.2006 05:53 PM

thanks, i'll be waiting :)

skipvacuum 08.23.2006 05:53 PM

thanks ...i;ll be waiting too

Alex's Trip 08.23.2006 07:02 PM

Sorry it took so long, I had to go to the library for some homework. When I came back the conversion didn't work. Expect it up sometime tonight.

Alex's Trip 08.23.2006 07:51 PM

It took me forever to figure it out but here it is:

The Diamond Sea by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Here is what I did:

I put the song on my Ipod. I pluged that into my Guitarport using a 1/8 inch-1/4 inch converter. I recorded it 'live' using Cubase LE, and then converted that to MP3. Took me a while to figure it out, I was tired of trying to use programs because none of them worked.

finding nobody 08.23.2006 07:58 PM

Thanks Alex. Sounds good

Alex's Trip 08.23.2006 08:01 PM

No problem. I think the sound quality went down...

Alex's Trip 08.24.2006 12:01 AM

So did I upload that for nothing or what?

_tunic_ 08.24.2006 01:46 AM

Not at all! Thanks a lot. It ain't a bad cover, but it surely can't beat the original.

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