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dietzer123 09.09.2006 01:23 AM

new bob dylan
anybody heard it/ is it any good?

Glice 09.09.2006 07:14 AM

I'm surprised even a Dylan fan would be ridiculous enough to ask 'is it any good?'. Having not heard it, I can guarentee you it's not good.

silverfreepress (sdasher) 09.09.2006 08:35 AM

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream, 4 day vacation with a beautiful woman, snow day, first day of warm weather after a long winter, finding a twenty dollar bill in a pair a jeans you haven't worn in a month, finding your lost dog, smelling breakfast cooking.

what the hell, of course the record is great, you're knot buying it right now?

dietzer123 09.09.2006 06:41 PM

well christ people, not ALL of his new stuff has sucked. can't we have an open mind?

finding nobody 09.09.2006 06:58 PM

It's a good album. There's not very much growth form Love & Theft. It's good though. The DVD was a nice addition as well

Norma J 09.09.2006 07:00 PM

I think I'll pick it up this week or perhaps today.

Whats on the DVD?

porkmarras 09.09.2006 07:09 PM

Poo.Internet poo.

finding nobody 09.09.2006 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by Norma J
I think I'll pick it up this week or perhaps today.

Whats on the DVD?

1. BLood In My Eyes
2. Love Sick (live)
3. Things Have Changed
4. Cold Irons Bound

ted_kennedy 09.10.2006 04:30 PM

My sister wuz playin it the other day. I was surprised - I actually liked some of the melodies. Also, the lyrics are quite powerful in places. I remember one line that went something like: 'my life is almost over' and I thought it was sad but powerful too.

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