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Genteel Death 10.18.2012 06:22 PM

Post Your Art II
The other thread disappeared. Shame!



Genteel Death 10.18.2012 06:25 PM




gast30 10.18.2012 06:42 PM

cool stuf genteel

stu666 10.19.2012 01:32 AM

wtf is going on? 2 threads gone?

is this the beginning of the end! :eek:

stu666 10.19.2012 01:40 AM

I'll try and find out what's happened to the other thread and maybe change my password incase someones hacked it....

Nefeli 10.19.2012 05:39 AM

yes, pls. especially the art one.

amazing stuff, death.
heh trying to say which are my favs! the last five!

Rob Instigator 10.19.2012 07:55 AM

Maybe they removed those huge stickied threads to make room on the server?

Post yr art or die was quite a HUGE thread

Here was the last comic from this week's Daily Cougar newspaper.


evollove 10.19.2012 09:21 AM

More praise for Genteel's art. The last one is more or less genius.

What are the titles?

stu666 10.19.2012 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
Maybe they removed those huge stickied threads to make room on the server?

Post yr art or die was quite a HUGE thread

I doubt it as there's over 360 pages of spam threads in the junk forum surely they would've deleted them as well?

I've spoke to Moshe and he didn't delete either the post yr art or the pissed off thread and I doubt Chris L did it. I haven't seen chabib on here for months now. It's a mystery what happened to them...

Rob Instigator 10.22.2012 11:44 AM


Rob Instigator 10.25.2012 09:24 AM


Today's "UH huh..." from the Daily Cougar

voidstarseven 10.30.2012 01:31 AM



I also make music:

Pedro Micho 10.30.2012 03:03 PM

wheres post your art or die? its beengoing on for like thousand years and just when i want to telll everyone about it cuz i made it it disappears !! c'mon people now lets chant hare krsna after me hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

gast30 10.31.2012 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by voidstarseven


I also make music:

great work
you got talent

Rob Instigator 11.01.2012 08:43 AM

My comic strip from today's Daily Cougar


Keeping It Simple 11.01.2012 09:59 AM

Rob Instigator 11.01.2012 10:07 AM

I prefer the term "Art Gay"

gast30 11.01.2012 10:35 AM

i remember an american runner for the 100 m in London
and his name was GAY


Rob Instigator 11.07.2012 04:07 PM

political cartoons I did for The Daily Cougar





Rob Instigator 11.12.2012 04:15 PM

Today's "UH huh..." strip from the Daily Cougar

Nefeli 11.17.2012 06:43 PM


gast30 11.17.2012 06:58 PM

^^ let me guess dennis hopper?

Nefeli 11.18.2012 04:56 AM


Originally Posted by gast30
^^ let me guess dennis hopper?


gast30 11.18.2012 12:37 PM

so here is the future, are you gonna help?


floatingslowly 11.18.2012 01:16 PM

Your lettering and lines are very clean. I always enjoy this style that you produce.

Nefeli: you are an art magician.

Nefeli 11.19.2012 08:46 AM

you are toooo kind..thank you.
the part that i like is under his right eye (the way you see the pic).

-still it is not the way and with the means i want to paint. wont tire more with words about what this means.

Rob Instigator 11.26.2012 10:34 AM


My latest "UH huh..." strip from the Daily Cougar

gast30 11.27.2012 05:59 PM


Rob Instigator 11.29.2012 09:24 AM

My latest "UH huh..." strip from the Daily Cougar


Bytor Peltor 11.29.2012 10:03 AM

Did you go to Ren Fest this year? We had plans to be there this last weekend, but we didn't make it.


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
My latest "UH huh..." strip from the Daily Cougar


gast30 11.30.2012 05:52 PM


gast30 11.30.2012 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by foreverasskiss
love it and all but it says a lot about you as a person. i feel like this in real life, but this is the internet and all and why should you care?. you tad bit paranoid? nobody can read yr facial expressions or vide here.. so what gives? please don't feel misunderstood on a message board!!! jeez.

no paranoias here, just thought post it for the fun of and hope people find it funny

and not many people do that post comics with this kind of humour

so is this better then an blanco page?
that is up to the spectators

gast30 11.30.2012 07:59 PM

i find it really good humour
something else, some other genre

gast30 11.30.2012 08:09 PM

can post a PREVIEUW of the next comic that is comming up soon


to be continued

Rob Instigator 12.05.2012 04:06 PM


My latest "UH huh..." strip in the Daily Cougar.

Nefeli 12.08.2012 06:41 AM

a detail from my 1st abstract. acrylics.


and an old drawing (its very small in reality).


Genteel Death 12.08.2012 06:58 AM

I fucking love those!!!!

Nefeli 12.08.2012 07:08 AM

:) thanks!

the whole of abstract, not super happy with it. but okay.
will start doing works in that department after next week, and hopefully will be seeing doing more interesting things.

Genteel Death 12.23.2012 11:21 AM




Genteel Death 12.23.2012 11:22 AM



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