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king_buzzo 01.25.2007 12:36 PM

hmmm? mm?

porkmarras 01.25.2007 03:22 PM

Knife attack reunion

porkmarras 01.26.2007 06:29 AM

Boff The Hoff game.

nicfit 01.26.2007 06:31 AM

If you're not going to be sued for that, it sounds quite funny.

RdTv 01.26.2007 09:39 AM

I doubt radioheads album will be worth the wait, but I hope I'm wrong

jon boy 01.26.2007 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
bollocks! fire alarm in here started, because i put croissant in microwave and 1 minute was far too long as it seemed!

haha had to laugh sorry.

i just went and spilled tea all over the place.

ALIEN ANAL 01.27.2007 09:39 AM

oh how much i want to kiss again its driving me insane

lithium 01.27.2007 11:22 PM

Hi, how are you?

ALIEN ANAL 01.27.2007 11:25 PM

alright thanks and your self?

ALIEN ANAL 01.28.2007 09:21 AM

This is a snippit of a jam i had, maken tunes on the spot :D
edit: this better work for you buzzo

compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.28.2007 09:59 AM

it's snowing here, wich is not normal...

it's snowing in portugal.

king_buzzo 01.28.2007 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by ALIEN ANAL

This is a snippit of a jam i had, maken tunes on the spot :D
edit: this better work for you buzzo

sludgefeast worked as well, i forgot to comment. anyways the recording for is kind of fuck, for the other song on this post it worked but for sludgefeast not really because hmm you cant hear what it is

ALIEN ANAL 01.28.2007 11:10 AM

yeh, you know now, but ill say if anyone else listens
it was recorded with my mp3 player, so its pretty distorted, its not a studio recording with awesome mics.

ALIEN ANAL 01.28.2007 12:06 PM

when just handing in a you have to look decent?

jon boy 01.28.2007 03:56 PM

i have over 5000 posts.

Hip Priest 01.28.2007 06:05 PM

Fish Capable of Human-like Logic
By Robin Lloyd
LiveScience Senior Editor
posted: 24 January 2007
01:17 pm ET

Fish have the reasoning capacity of a 4- or 5-year-old child when it comes to figuring out who among their peers is "top dog," new research shows.

Stanford University scientists made the discovery—said to be the first demonstration that fish can use logical reasoning to figure out their social pecking order—by studying fights among small, highly territorial, spiny-finned fish called cichlids, common in freshwater in tropical Africa, including in Lake Tanganyika in central Africa.

Logan Grosenick, a graduate student in statistics, and his colleagues found that a sixth fish could infer or learn indirectly which were the 1st through 5th strongest simply by observing fights among them in adjacent, transparent tanks, rather than by directly fighting each fish itself or seeing each fish fight all four others [image].

This type of reasoning, called transitive inference (TI), is a developmental milestone for human children, showing up nonverbally as early as ages 4 and 5; it also has been reported in monkeys, rats and birds. It allows thinkers to reason that if A is bigger than B, and B is bigger than C, then A is also bigger than C.

Anthropomorphizing animals, or casting human intentions on them, is a mistake, Grosenick said, but it's a philosophical matter as to whether the cichlids' ability to infer rankings is the same as similar reasoning in humans.

"They are making correct logical inferences on an abstract representation of their world, which would usually be called 'reasoning' in humans," he said.

Biologist Russell D. Fernald, one of Grosenick's colleagues on the study, said that fish thinking is very different from that of humans.

"The capacity shown here is a necessary precondition for reasoning, but having this capacity does not mean these fish actually reason or do any other specific logical tasks," he told LiveScience.

Male cichlids (Astatotilapia burtoni) regularly fight aggressively to establish real estate from a pool of limited territory, to secure control of scarce food resources and to maintain a location for spawning with females.

The ability to know in advance with which peer they could pick and win a fight is an advantage for these fish, Fernald said.

To learn about fish learning, Grosenick designed experiments that staged dozens of fights across 11 days among five different fish (known to the scientists as A, B, C, D, and E, with A being the strongest and E the weakest) in a circle of transparent, plastic tanks that allowed a “bystander” fish in a center tank to observe each fight as it took place. A fought B, B fought C and so on.

Later on in an open tank, the bystander got to choose between whether to hang out with either the A fish or the E fish, even though the bystander never saw A fight E. The bystander also was tested to choose between the B fish and the D fish, which had never faced off.

Bystander fish in experiments typically chose the weakest fish—either D or E (those that had lost the most fights)—as their preferred companion, making the safest choice for their long-term survival and ability to reproduce.

This preference shows, the team writes in the Jan. 25 issue of the journal Nature, that the fish used observation and logical reasoning to infer or deduce the relative ranking among the five fighting fish.

Hip Priest 01.28.2007 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by jon boy
i have over 5000 posts.

Congratulations, jonboy. Have you enjoyed your journey on the forum? Are there any particular highs and lows you recall? What have you learned about yourself?

Пятхъдесят Шест 01.28.2007 06:07 PM

And people thought I was crazy when I told them my goldfish tells me when he is hungry!

compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.28.2007 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by Пятхъдесят Шест
And people thought I was crazy when I told them my goldfish tells me when he is hungry!

you've let him starv to death just to prove you were right, haven't you?

ALIEN ANAL 01.29.2007 03:18 AM

i feel like i made a bad first impression with the girl i kissed on the weekend.
Is it possible to try again, or do girls just get over the guy quickly.

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