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touch me i'm sick 02.26.2007 09:49 PM

i've heard some of his stuff. what's a good jandek album to start with?

finding nobody 02.26.2007 09:50 PM

Blue mothafuckin Corpse
or Modern Dances or You Walk Alone
What's your email? Im feeling generous

touch me i'm sick 02.26.2007 09:52 PM

i've jsut pmed it to you.

finding nobody 02.26.2007 10:10 PM

If you're bored you can check these neat videos out
The only interview he's ever given
And here's a trailor for the documentary that this interview comes from

Anyone else who wants in on the Blue Corpse action can PM me their email
I'd like to reccomend buying cds directly from Jandek @ Corwood Industries. They're way cheap! And you'll be helping out an idependant musician!

touch me i'm sick 02.26.2007 10:12 PM

thanks a bunch man

finding nobody 02.26.2007 10:32 PM

Oh no problem.
Check your email!

Dead-Air 02.27.2007 12:11 AM

I recall another lengthy thread based on the same question. I like the mid period stuff best with Nancy singing back up, but I love all of his records really. Check out Seth Tissue's amazing fan website for the best info.

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