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Derek 06.21.2009 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by Newfoundland
Oh! Meditations is probably my favorite too! Along with Live at the village vanguard again. Heard that one? Nice mix between both the kind of softer A Love Supreme kind of stuff and harsh Pharoah shrieking.

I'll check it out thanks.

joe11121 06.21.2009 06:35 PM


Sonic Youth 37 06.21.2009 06:40 PM


Newfoundland 06.21.2009 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by Derek
I'll check it out thanks.

Hope you like it. Its Live at the village vanguard AGAIN. Because the first one is pretty straight stuff. Donīt mean to be all "oh yeah? but have you heard...?" on you. Meditations is my fave too.

Satan 06.21.2009 07:29 PM


Dead-Air 06.21.2009 07:36 PM

Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks by Eno

atsonicpark 06.21.2009 08:07 PM

new 6u's

batreleaser 06.21.2009 08:37 PM

mobb deep-the infamous

bill orcut s/t
the rebel-mouthwatering claustrophobic changes
lamonte young-the tamburas of pandit pran nath
lambkin and lescalleet-the breadwinner
loop-heaven's end
syd barret-barret (compilation)
nice face-can i fuck it
hafler trio-fuck
double leapods and son of earth-flesh on bone lp

i love having nothing to do on sundays and just doing nothing but watch buffy the vampire, the wire, twin peaks, the sopranos, etc... or any of my favorite shows all day, only interruped to listen to tons of records and maybe open a book. i usually just turn my cell off on these days to disconnect from my family, friends, and life and just relax. these days i think are essential to my sanity, and are of course usually concurrent with my saturday night hangover and lots of weed.

dirty bunny 06.21.2009 09:21 PM

let it come down- spiritualized

Sonic Youth 37 06.21.2009 09:23 PM


The Chiodos version of "Flagpole Sitta" and the August Burns Red version of "Baby One More Time" are probably the best.

Inhuman 06.21.2009 09:56 PM

I had no idea there was a KTL IV, I have to go grab that. I'm listening to Dreamcatcher - Nimbus

automatic bzooty 06.22.2009 12:53 AM

the bridge - lee!

automatic bzooty 06.22.2009 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by joe11121

have fun! and be safe with it!

i don't care what anyone sez, i love me some byop.

Satan 06.22.2009 01:14 AM


automatic bzooty 06.22.2009 01:32 AM

lee ranaldo - live #1 (paradise)

this is awesome awesome awesome.



'nother awesome, just for good measure. yeah.

stu666 06.22.2009 01:50 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
new 6u's

This, good work Derek.

Satan 06.22.2009 01:53 AM


automatic bzooty 06.22.2009 04:53 AM


demonrail666 06.22.2009 04:56 AM

I have absolutely no idea who you are, but we really do need to seriously consider getting married.


Originally Posted by Satan


Florya 06.22.2009 05:02 AM

A freebie I was given at the TG gig last night.

'Musica Universalis' by Xykogen

Pretty run of the mill 'industrial techno'. Ticks all the boxes - brings nothing new to the table.

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