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batreleaser 11.05.2008 11:19 PM

The Ex-Joggers and Smoggers

Prurient and Kevin Drumm-All those in the House of the Lord
Augustus Pablo Presents the Late King Tubby
Arguementix-Boss of Goth
Canned Hamm-Karazma
The Abused-Loud and Clear
AC/DC-For those About to Rock
Rusted Shut-Hot Sex 12" (i feel lucky to have this, its better than rehab easily)
Big Boy Pete-S/T

Prior today I wasn't listening to much music over the past few days. In my free time I was just going to bars and my down time, watching the Wire DVD's (I've watched season 2, 3 twice, 4 three times, and 5 twice, over the last 2 weeks, every time you watch it you hear something new in the dialog or notice something else in the plot, perfect show all around and when it comes push to shove, I would rather watch the majority of the episodes of the Wire than a lot of my favorite movies).

drrrtyboots 11.05.2008 11:27 PM

Do Make Say Think - You, You're A History In Rust

deflinus 11.05.2008 11:53 PM

modest mouse - ionizes and atomizes

one of my favorite songs by them. i like how the drums sound like a machine at the end

Sonic Youth 37 11.06.2008 12:34 AM



jon boy 11.06.2008 12:47 AM

nu sensae

GeneticKiss 11.06.2008 01:29 AM


Great web radio where you pick a band, it analyzes their music, and plays stuff by that band and other bands like them...

stu666 11.06.2008 01:42 AM


me. 11.06.2008 02:22 AM

U.S Girls - Prove It All Night

uhler 11.06.2008 02:31 AM

i was listening to the chrome box set. but now i'm about to read some more of crash and then go to bed.

gohleekwang 11.06.2008 03:29 AM

Trees Outside The Academy

sonic sphere 11.06.2008 07:25 AM

monks-black monk time

jimbrim 11.06.2008 08:10 AM

The Bug - London Zoo

noisereductions 11.06.2008 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37


Isnt't this the "Spanish Devo" ? Or am I thinking of something else?

Sonic Youth 37 11.06.2008 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
Isnt't this the "Spanish Devo" ? Or am I thinking of something else?

They are VERY Japanese.

sonic sphere 11.06.2008 11:20 AM

neil young & crazy horse-live at the fillmore east 1970

Toxa 11.06.2008 11:30 AM


stu666 11.06.2008 11:42 AM


Sonic Youth 37 11.06.2008 01:11 PM

This morning:

jimbrim 11.06.2008 01:28 PM


batreleaser 11.06.2008 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
The Bug - London Zoo

fucking AMAZING record dude, I've been talkin that shit up forever, it has to be the best thing Kevin Martin has done since he played oin 16-17 Gyatso.

I'm watching the Wire Season 5 Episode 2.

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