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jimbrim 10.05.2008 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by me.
Hisato Higuchi - She

Ah, good stuff!

jimbrim 10.05.2008 05:09 AM


_slavo_ 10.05.2008 05:13 AM


me. 10.05.2008 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
Ah, good stuff!

want to get more of his stuff!

Now listening to Shellac as Sex Pistols live 98, anyone went to this gig?, sounds like it was alot of fun!.

al shabbray 10.05.2008 05:57 AM

Lee Ranaldo - Maelstrom

is thaaaat good

stu666 10.05.2008 06:03 AM

Sun Ra's Intergalactic Research Arkestra,
Technische Hogeschool, Nieuwe Aula
Delft, Netherlands
11. November 1971

(from dime)

Death & the Maiden 10.05.2008 06:06 AM

Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising

sonic sphere 10.05.2008 08:23 AM

black rebel motorcycle club-baby 81

al shabbray 10.05.2008 08:28 AM

lee ranaldo - all the stars in the sky

(on a crappy turntable from the 70ies, hahaha)

Derek 10.05.2008 08:47 AM


al shabbray 10.05.2008 09:47 AM

Fennesz "Caecilia"

sonic sphere 10.05.2008 10:41 AM

black rebel motorcycle club-howl

al shabbray 10.05.2008 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by al shabbray
lee ranaldo - all the stars in the sky

(on a crappy turntable from the 70ies, hahaha)

but now on my minidiscplayer full throttle

batreleaser 10.05.2008 01:29 PM

blue oyster cult-extraterrestial live

masonna-RRRecycled casette
soft machine-5th
naked on the vague-the blood pressure sessions (still been spinning this regularly)
twisted nerve-caught in the session
BIRTH!-the new death (one man freak synth punk visual art project, very intense and harsh, but not noise, not in the slightest, reccommended)
strip mall seizures-the secret to financial freedom
emeralds-the quaking mass
mark stewart-edit

batreleaser 10.05.2008 02:21 PM

off: 25 suaves-i want it loud (l love this fucking band. everything they did, from thier earlier no wave influenced metal, to this, which is basically motorhead/kill em all filtered through michigan noise wierdness, and im probably only saying that because they were on bulb. its just all out guitar rock, the vocals sound like lemmy. its a dude on guitar and vocals, a chick on drums, and last i heard they added some melvins alum on bass. such ass kickin tunes. does anyone know if theyre still active? i hope so.)

on: howlin wolf-howlin the blues (this is the most raw/lofi music ever. and did anyone notice that beefheart's patented growl is basically just a knockoff of the wolf's? not knockin on the mighty beefheart by any means, because there is nothing in the world more pure and perfect that a song as sung by the wolf. these songs are so incredible, and besides the "london sessions", this is the only wolf album i feel neccesary to listen to, its got his more bluegrass accoustic jams, and his heavier electric guitar/harmonica jams. i gota find out who's rockin the harmonica on this, because it sounds so good with wolf's guitar, almost like a rock improv thing going on. this music is just so ahead of its time, and it rocks harder that 90 percent of the rock music that it inspired. oh, and it feautres the greatest song about aging in all of history; "Getting Old and Gray", sorry mark e smith.)

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 10.05.2008 02:24 PM

A lot of jazz lately.
Right now it's Tim Burne.
Ornette Coleman - The Art of Improvisors
Jackie McLean - It's Time
Derek bailey - Ballads

Derek 10.05.2008 03:14 PM

Mr Bungle - California

Earlier it was:
Grouper - Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Cerberus Shoal - Homb
Le Scrawl - Q
Daniel Johnston - Songs of Pain
Daniel Johnston - Yip/Jump Music

al shabbray 10.05.2008 03:21 PM

still "all the stars in the sky" by maestro ranaldo himself

EMMAh 10.05.2008 03:36 PM

Mary Mary - Chumbawamba

Derek 10.05.2008 03:38 PM

Mr Bungle - Disco Volante

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