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Cantankerous 09.09.2008 10:28 AM

cranes sound like einsturzende neubauten + cocteau twins

floatingslowly 09.09.2008 12:07 PM




>>on random track order<<

Everyneurotic 09.09.2008 12:46 PM


batreleaser 09.09.2008 02:21 PM

my classic rock binge has subsided (but not ended). right now im totally into early acid mothers temple. i havnt listened to them in a while, and i forgot how great they are. i love bands like this that can wear thier influences on their sleeves (ditto stuff like spacemen 3) but still sound very original. i mean its easy to hear stockhausen, faust, ash ra tempel, and hendrix in there, but it still sounds totally AMT (i wonder if they chose those initials because of the psychedelic drug). and they are one of the few 'psychedelic' bands that deserve the title. they are truly mind expanding, stockhausen atmospheres, kraut ryhtyms, and hendrix esque guitar wailing.

these records i listened to today:
la novia
born to be wild in the usa 2000
pataphysical freakout MU!
troubadors from another heaven

damn, they put out 4 great ones in like a year's time

now im listening to xenakis-electronic music

and also:
dylan-blonde on blonde
young-tonights the night, harvest moon

Everyneurotic 09.09.2008 02:30 PM


me. 09.09.2008 03:05 PM

Susumu Yokota - Grinning Cat.

_slavo_ 09.09.2008 03:40 PM

The Fall - Slates

Torn Curtain 09.09.2008 04:24 PM

Sigur Rós & Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson - Hrafnagaldur Óđins (Odin's Raven Magic), April 21st, 2002 London, England @ Barbican Theater AUD (from dime)

gohleekwang 09.09.2008 04:32 PM


Sonic Youth 37 09.09.2008 04:48 PM


Everyneurotic 09.09.2008 05:08 PM


mad river - s/t

batreleaser 09.09.2008 05:22 PM

ok, now im on an official AMT binge. itsnt it great re-discovering bands you loved like a couple years ago, and totally get thagt feeling back when you first got into that band and you saw the show and you got the shirt and discussed them with firends, etc... anyways, AMT is crazy, yeah theyve kinda gotten a little mellow, but for the first half of the decade they were spewing out massive volumes of crazy minimalist psych kraut wierdo noise rock constantly, only reason theyre not always thought of as one of the best bands of the decade is they havnt had that one defining record. the one that goes on a "best of" lists. but they just spew out lots and lots of amazing tidbits through a massive network of cds, eps, tapes, singles, splits, etc.... but when they were on, they were on.

right now its electric heavyland, song is "loved and confused". im stoned, and this is actually my favorite thing AMT ever did. it is just absolutley insane, makes me wish i was on something harder and just freaking out. and the wierd this is its ALL guitar, electronic, and drum noodling. and i usually hate noodling, but on here it just sounds so good and so crazy and so joyous and so powerful and so menacing and so everything. this is just everything i love about music. yknow what it sounds like to me? well, heres the baked description: if jimi hendrix hadnt died, he would have totally gotten bored with the more conventional, hard blues rock n roll style that he was playing in, after all 'band of gypsies' incidated he was going on to higher aspirations. he would be introduced to the works of stockhausen, xenakis, la monte young, and eventually to the newer minimal/experimental music, by the likes of 'AMM'. he then, this is about 1972, heres of a 'rock scene' in germany where there are rock bands that are embraching the minimalism and expderimentalism of stockhausen, as well as the psych/wierd rock that had been coming out of the us and britain, namely pink floyd, the velvet underground, and JIMI hendrix. jimi knows that he has found his calling. he then goes and starts a krautrock band called, "jimi hendrix and band of wierdo germans who like stockhausen and acid', and makes the most exciting and fucked up sounds of his career. old fans (mostly middle aged bikers) scorn, but most were convinced of jimi's brilliance. and then along the line, keigi haino meets jimi and joins the band. well that is what this AMT songs sounds like.

viewtiful_alan 09.09.2008 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by gmku
You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later.

Awesome albums, all.

Thank you : )
But yeah they all really are quite awesome. Some of the more interesting punk bands out there.
As for my listening right now:


viewtiful_alan 09.09.2008 07:25 PM


jon boy 09.09.2008 07:25 PM


viewtiful_alan 09.09.2008 08:12 PM


batreleaser 09.09.2008 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan
Thank you : )
But yeah they all really are quite awesome. Some of the more interesting punk bands out there.
As for my listening right now:


i knew the yardbirds was rad, but i didnt know they looked rad too!

im listening to blue cheer by the way

noisereductions 09.09.2008 08:26 PM

AFTER THE GOLD RUSH is my fav Young album.

viewtiful_alan 09.09.2008 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by batreleaser
i knew the yardbirds was rad, but i didnt know they looked rad too!

im listening to blue cheer by the way

Blue Cheer are the shit. Which album?

I love after the goldrush, but it isnt my favorite of all time by him. ITs deffinitley one of his best though.

PAULYBEE2656 09.10.2008 02:14 AM

the news....... they are gonna fire up that lhc thingy today i think!

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