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stu666 08.12.2008 03:51 PM


Inhuman 08.12.2008 03:57 PM

Gang Gang Dance - God's Money

MellySingsDoom 08.12.2008 04:26 PM

Uneartly Trance - "Electrocution"

fugazifan 08.12.2008 04:51 PM

im ama very drunk
listenin g to upgrade and afterlife
this album get better with every listen

al shabbray 08.12.2008 04:53 PM

qotsa - sick sick sick

batreleaser 08.12.2008 05:03 PM

yes, i really am loving the emeralds as well.

now:cecil taylor-conquistador

curlew-live iat cbgb 1980 berlin
the hospitals-s/t
elliot sharp-monster curve
miles davis-agharta
dawn bringer-order from chaos
essential lohic-beat rhythm news, whadda ya play?
the gun club-fire of love
bela bartok-eight improvisations on hungarian peasent songs
blasphemy-fallen angel of doom

demonrail666 08.12.2008 05:19 PM


acousticrock87 08.12.2008 05:32 PM


MellySingsDoom 08.12.2008 05:35 PM

^^^Great choice, acousticrock87!

fugazifan 08.12.2008 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by MellySingsDoom
^^^Great choice, acousticrock87!

listeniong to john fahey
old fashoined love

acousticrock87 08.12.2008 05:40 PM

After seeing 88BoaDrum a few nights ago, it's necessary for my soul.

Me and my friend were both in awe at how godlike Eye was the entire time. It was almost literally a religious experience.

MellySingsDoom 08.12.2008 05:55 PM

^^^I am so envious that you got to see that! :)

Sonic Youth 37 08.12.2008 09:25 PM


acousticrock87 08.12.2008 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by MellySingsDoom
^^^I am so envious that you got to see that! :)

See? Experience.

drrrtyboots 08.12.2008 09:32 PM

Both times I've seen Boredoms in the past 2 years, Eye literally holds your attention like no other performer I've ever seen. Did he use his massive guitar tower in LA?

Everyneurotic 08.12.2008 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by drrrtyboots
Both times I've seen Boredoms in the past 2 years, Eye literally holds your attention like no other performer I've ever seen...

that's how it was when i saw him.

acousticrock87 08.12.2008 09:44 PM

Yeah he did. He conducted with a huge staff sometimes that he used to hit it. Other times he would wave his hand up and down to control the intensity of the drummers. There was one part where all the drummers were just playing a roll on the crash/ride cymbals, and he directed how hard they played with his hand. It sounded exactly like the ocean.

drrrtyboots 08.12.2008 09:48 PM

One of the most upsetting moments of my summer last year was getting turned down from the 77 drummer Boadrum last year after waiting on line for 4 hours. I was ready to kill someone. Sounds like this years was excellent though, you're very lucky.

acousticrock87 08.12.2008 09:52 PM

The line was insane. I had to park illegally (was relieved not to get a ticket) and when the announcer started we were still a good half-block from the entrance, and it kept going behind us beyond sight. They stopped checking bags or whatever they were doing and just took tickets as fast as they could and we got there right as it started.

We managed to get right up to the front, though. The only people in front of us were maybe two rows of people sitting down on blankets. And we were right by Zach Hill, the 88th and probably most skilled non-Boredoms drummer there.

One of the drummers (a cute girl) even made eye contact with me throughout the set. Or I was standing next to someone she knew. Either way, that's how close we were.

drrrtyboots 08.12.2008 09:55 PM

I would have loved to see Zach Hill play and even more, Sara Lund from Unwound.

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