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marleypumpkin 06.02.2006 09:16 PM

Sigh- "Scorn Defeat"

umjammer atomsk 06.02.2006 09:16 PM

melt banana-cactuses come in flocks

krastian 06.02.2006 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
David Gilmour- "On An Island"

For the first time today.

Hey how is it man?

krastian 06.02.2006 11:51 PM


Great for a hot, lazy, beer drinking night which happens to be right now.

HaydenAsche 06.02.2006 11:55 PM

As usual, something gay.


alyasa 06.03.2006 12:01 AM

Bye Bye Butterfly - Pauline Oliveros

krastian 06.03.2006 02:11 AM


king_buzzo 06.03.2006 04:59 AM

up beat-rapeman

Trasher02 06.03.2006 05:10 AM

L7 - Wargasm

Magublafix 06.03.2006 05:12 AM

The Dresden Dolls

krastian 06.03.2006 05:15 AM

^ 1,2,3 masturbate watch it on tv.

Edit: L7 of course....The Dresden Dolls well.....hey, as long as they get you off right?:D


krastian 06.04.2006 12:39 AM


king_buzzo 06.04.2006 04:48 AM

dinosaur jr.-repulsion

Hip Priest 06.04.2006 05:06 AM

Cricket: Test Match Special on BBC Radio 4. It's the third day of the third test (England vs Sri Lanka). Sri Lanka had a good day yesterday, and are in a decent position.

Michael Vaughan (England captain) has been coming back from injury playing for Yorkshire, but his knee is bad again. I'm thinking maybe he may not make it back to international level again, but I hope that's not correct.

king_buzzo 06.04.2006 05:46 AM

dinosaur jr.-get me

Pookie 06.04.2006 06:06 AM

Yoshimi and Yuka - Flower With No Color, easing me into Sunday morning

sonic sphere 06.04.2006 08:59 AM

grandaddy-the sophtware slump

marleypumpkin 06.04.2006 10:05 AM

The Smiths- Live March 18, 1985

Iain 06.04.2006 10:26 AM

Henry Flynt - Hillbilly Tape Music 1971-78

porkmarras 06.04.2006 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by Iain
Henry Flynt - Hillbilly Tape Music 1971-78

I want that record!Now!

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