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Everyneurotic 08.14.2007 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
What's this one like? I have developed a bit of a Birchville Cat Motel obsession of late.

birchville cat motel in the land of earth/sunn o))).

me listening:


benighted in sodom - plague overlord

fugazifan 08.14.2007 06:35 PM


Everyneurotic 08.14.2007 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by fugazifan

any chance of sharing that?

unless it's not an album you're listening but their myspace songs.

terminal pharmacy 08.14.2007 08:20 PM

ulver - blood inside

Cantankerous 08.14.2007 08:51 PM

bela lugosi's dead
i'm so goth i shit bats

gmku 08.14.2007 10:09 PM


gmku 08.14.2007 10:13 PM

I luv this album cover.

SynthethicalY 08.14.2007 11:00 PM

Bad Moon Rising

gmku 08.14.2007 11:05 PM

CHrist, every time I look at this pretty things cover I get a belly laugh. The pointy shoes, the crossed legs, the faces. I don't know why but it tickles me. I love these guys.

Everyneurotic 08.14.2007 11:08 PM


Cantankerous 08.14.2007 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic

i think i'll put that on.

gmku 08.14.2007 11:23 PM

We all need to log off now and just listen to music.

Cantankerous 08.15.2007 12:08 AM

the sound of myself vomiting momentarily
please excuse me for a moment

Cantankerous 08.15.2007 12:11 AM

oh jesus it tasted like citrus vodka and gatorade

Cantankerous 08.15.2007 12:22 AM

UHH i just puked AGAIN.
i feel better though

Norma J 08.15.2007 01:55 AM

the Stones: Sticky Fingers.

Cantankerous 08.15.2007 02:08 AM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
UHH i just puked AGAIN.
i feel better though

i did a third time about an hour ago and that time it was chunky

i'm listening to myself trying to work some shit out on the geetar.

Norma J 08.15.2007 02:11 AM

Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves.

This shit is awesome.

Cantankerous 08.15.2007 02:34 AM


Cantankerous 08.15.2007 02:53 AM

and now heroes
and then i'm going to bed

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