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vulva 06.30.2007 01:47 AM

mostly the obvious ones. Sunn O))), Earth, Wolf Eyes...

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 01:49 AM

ohh, more on the "metal" side of things.

check out black boned angel, who play in that style and dude's other band, birchville cat motel. bcm is one of the best drone acts ever.

also, do you know nadja and/or the goslings?

vulva 06.30.2007 01:51 AM

which BCM album should I start with?

and I know the name nadja, haven't heard of the goslings, and haven't listened to either band... yet

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 01:58 AM

bcm: either beautiful speck triumph if you are going for something softer and more organic or our love will destroy the world for something harsher. he does both styles amazingly.

nadja: get truth becomes death, although you pretty much can't go wrong with any of their albums, do you like jesu?

the goslings: between the dead, they are a lo-fi band but their stuff goes from very my bloody valentine-like to noisy as hell, their earlier albums were more in line with earth/sunn o))) but their later ones have drums and are more extreme.

vulva 06.30.2007 02:00 AM

coolio, gonna check out BCM first, though I always have a huge stack of albums to listen to, and less spare time than I used to, so it'll be a while befor I tackle all the suggestions

Have you heard the new one from Alcest?

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 02:07 AM

no, i haven't

vulva 06.30.2007 02:14 AM

imagine my bloody valentine meets drudkh.
I have it up on megaupload if you'd like the link. A lot of people I've shown it to are calling it album of the year

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 02:19 AM

ohh awesome!! but megashitter doesn't allow me to download it because it always says that the bandwidth for mexico has been used and have to send them money for me to download stuff.

if you could upload it on something else and share the link with me thru private message, that would be great. if you can't, then it's ok.

anyway, i gotta go, talk to you later man!

vulva 06.30.2007 02:21 AM

I'll put it on shitspace within the next day. Expect a PM

jon boy 06.30.2007 06:39 AM

sunn o))

Spiritual Amnesia 06.30.2007 06:42 AM


Iain 06.30.2007 06:46 AM

Sun Ra - Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy.

LittlePuppetBoy 06.30.2007 12:57 PM

Locust Abortion Technician- Butthole Surfers

musicfallinglikesnow 06.30.2007 07:08 PM

J. J. Cale. It gets better and better!

vulva 06.30.2007 08:37 PM

Cale > Clapton

musicfallinglikesnow 06.30.2007 09:00 PM

Cale himself is an interesting person, not to mention composer. He has lived for years in a trailer. Now he works his own land, all alone. It's a pity Clapton is like, his commercial branch office.

vulva 06.30.2007 09:04 PM

I love how Cale went so long without having met Clapton. Essentially saying in every interview "he sends me money, so I don't care what he does with my songs". He's someone who clearly is just enjoying life and taking it for what its worth. Not enough musicians out there like that

musicfallinglikesnow 06.30.2007 09:14 PM

True, he really has a stand on life. Take it as it comes.

musicfallinglikesnow 06.30.2007 09:15 PM

No ego questions for him. That's good.

vulva 06.30.2007 09:20 PM

That's why I respect artists like him. If the artist isn't self centered it allows for them to really appreciate what's going on. Cale is one of the few artists out there who seems to genuinely be happy for all he has and doesn't focus on trying to achieve anything more than self satisfaction.

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