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Bunbury 06.11.2007 09:54 PM

kids on tv- mixing business with pleasure

Norma J 06.12.2007 12:21 AM

The Saints: The Monkey Puzzle.

jico. 06.12.2007 07:03 AM





sonic sphere 06.12.2007 07:10 AM

brian jonestown massacre-braveryrepititionandnoise

Inhuman 06.12.2007 02:14 PM

Calamalka - Shredder's Dub

finding nobody 06.12.2007 02:31 PM


Everyneurotic 06.12.2007 03:43 PM recommendations radio.

right now is the almighty botch slaying it up.

Пятхъдесят Шест 06.12.2007 03:51 PM


musicfallinglikesnow 06.12.2007 05:01 PM

The Butthole Surfers - "The hole truth...and nothing butt"...a bootleg.

sonicl 06.13.2007 03:03 AM


Katy 06.13.2007 03:22 AM

Mostly Resonance FM... Derek & Clive... Shiina Ringo... Kodo drummers... and The Tiger Lillies.

In the past few days.

Torn Curtain 06.13.2007 05:47 AM

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1992-09-01 Loft - Berlin, Germany (from dime)

sonic sphere 06.13.2007 06:43 AM

mc5-back in the usa

davenotdead 06.13.2007 07:24 AM

new liars and animal collective....ears in ecstacy right now.

jimbrim 06.13.2007 01:37 PM

Part Chimp - I Am Come

gmku 06.13.2007 01:40 PM

A lot of Byrds.

Plus Their Satanic Majesties Request (an first pressing LP, y'all!!!)

And Slanted & Enchanted.

And Mirrored.

Not all at the same time, though.

finding nobody 06.13.2007 02:42 PM
Johnny Cash singing Ring Of Fire in SPANISH (I Think)

king_buzzo 06.13.2007 03:44 PM

oz-turn the cross upside down

I dislike the verse vocals, but the chorus is awesome

finding nobody 06.13.2007 03:54 PM

a sonic youth mix tape I made

musicfallinglikesnow 06.13.2007 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody
Johnny Cash singing Ring Of Fire in SPANISH (I Think)

Yes, it's Spanish..."Yo sentí que sus llamas me abrasaban...Fuego de amor"
Very very cool!

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