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d3admik3 07.17.2006 06:01 PM

The Kills-No Wow

lizzarddd 07.17.2006 06:06 PM

Wannabe-Spice girls

m^a(t)h 07.17.2006 06:08 PM

smashing pumpkins - silverfuck

Iain 07.17.2006 06:25 PM

NNCK - Collective Imaginings of Quanterenious, Cook and Co.

Norma J 07.17.2006 08:01 PM

I got a turntable as a present this morning. It's awesome. So I've been playing my Dylan and Johnny Cash records. Now I've got the album Super Session on, which is basically just an improvised jam consisting of Steve Stills, Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper. The Latter two being in one of Dylans bands for awhile. It's really cool.


acousticrock87 07.17.2006 09:22 PM

Fushitsusha - Double Live '91

noisemachine 07.17.2006 09:30 PM

Mylo- In My Arms

swimsuitissue 07.17.2006 09:37 PM

Tool - 10,000 Days

Cantankerous 07.17.2006 09:48 PM


acousticrock87 07.18.2006 02:08 AM

UFO Or Die - Cassettetape Superstar

sonicl 07.18.2006 04:17 AM

CDs off my "to sell" pile (to make sure I definitely don't want to keep them).
This morning: Julian Cope - "Live Japan 1991"

dracula mountain 07.18.2006 08:12 AM

devendra banhard- long haired child

gmku 07.18.2006 08:21 AM

Sleater Kinney - One Beat

jon boy 07.18.2006 08:50 AM

genesis - the only good band to come out of britian in the 80's.

porkmarras 07.18.2006 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
genesis - the only good band to come out of britian in the 80's.


Cantankerous 07.18.2006 09:10 AM

oh dear lord. PLEAAASE not genesis.

Massenvernichtungswaffen 07.18.2006 09:28 AM

I've been listening to a lot of Cat Empire, Broken Social Scene, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Feist, and I'm still trying to digest Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped.

terminal pharmacy 07.18.2006 09:42 AM

ick... cat empire, they are very good but not my thingy

Savage Clone 07.18.2006 10:05 AM

Hawkwind - "Brainstorm"

Make fun all you like, but for a few years these guys completely ruled.

Toxa 07.18.2006 10:06 AM

Destroy All Nels Cline - Chicagoan

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