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Moshe 04.20.2021 02:22 AM

SY auction
Sonic Youth and producer Martin Bisi have signed both a vinyl copy of 'Bad Moon Rising' and 'EVOL' for an auction in support of Voice of Gowanus. Both albums were recorded in Gowanus. The auction for the rare vinyl ends Tuesday, April 20th!

Bid here:

Voice of Gowanus is a coalition of community organizations and individual citizens fighting for a healthy and sustainable Gowanus.

Note: Bob Bert signed 'Bad Moon Rising' and Steve Shelley signed 'EVOL'

The Soup Nazi 04.20.2021 09:41 AM



_tunic_ 04.20.2021 10:37 AM

Not that I really care but it's nice to see that Bob Bert is still getting the credits for his work on that album.

greenlight 04.20.2021 02:48 PM

so far 450 for BMR and 375 for EVOL ...

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