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k-krack 01.28.2007 12:32 AM

Xiu Xiu- A Promise
just finished Varge!- Must Lunge

touch me i'm sick 01.28.2007 01:17 AM


davenotdead 01.28.2007 01:19 AM


porkmarras 01.28.2007 06:18 AM


Thomas Moronic 01.28.2007 06:26 AM


porkmarras 01.28.2007 10:43 AM

Various - Wild Psych

jon boy 01.28.2007 03:13 PM

burning star core and hotugogisu.

porkmarras 01.28.2007 06:42 PM


porkmarras 01.28.2007 07:04 PM

Pre set -Various

Toilet & Bowels 01.28.2007 07:29 PM

rinse fm

compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.28.2007 07:40 PM


birchville cat motel - siberian earth curve

Katy 01.28.2007 08:33 PM

In the past couple of hours I have listened to:

+The new leaked Arcade Fire album "Neon Bible" (not as good as "Funeral".)
+The new Stooges track "My Idea Of Fun" on their Myspace page (the Albini production sounds okay, but Iggy's vocal sounded a lot better live.)
+The Archie Bronson Outfit (because I just watched them win a South Bank award and realized I have their record on this computer and have never listened to it.)

davenotdead 01.29.2007 03:17 AM


the goslings- grandeur of hair

sonic sphere 01.29.2007 06:25 AM

johnny thunders-too much junkie business

sonic sphere 01.29.2007 07:07 AM

leaders of the new school-a future without a past

PAULYBEE2656 01.29.2007 10:51 AM


because its the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jon boy 01.29.2007 11:42 AM

sunn O))) and boris.

sonic sphere 01.29.2007 11:59 AM

the jesus & mary chain-the sound of speed

A Thousand Threads 01.29.2007 12:35 PM


Roxanne Jean Polise & The Goslings - Heaven of Animals

great so far

ondskan 01.29.2007 12:53 PM

The Diamond Sea

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