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Dr Chocolate 08.24.2012 11:54 PM

whats the story behind DIRTY being on 8 Track?
i swear the internet search engine google is the worst search engine EVER! not to mention the other 3 i tired looking it up on.

now i dont know if it's real, but i've seen and at one point had pictures of both the front and back of the tape. it's in a red shell.

was this just a fan made thing only, or was a limited promotional thing? it's not like this is new new, because i swear i've seen that picture over 10 years ago. i used to have them on one of my old failbook accounts, but never saved them again once i deleted it. i mean why should i? i got it on a cd-rom somewhere.

also, the internet i swear is fucking stupid. you would think that after typing in Sonic Youth Dirty 8 Track, it would be within the first 10 hits, but is it? FUCK NO!! :fuckyou:stupid fucking internet:fuckyou:

scott v 08.26.2012 08:39 AM

Dr Chocolate 08.26.2012 10:34 PM

after that many views
you mean nobody here has even heard of this before?
i'm not bullshitting anyone if that's what you think
it was once on 8trackheaven's webpage back in the late 90's I swear.
and of course, it's not on there now, so i sent them a message about it and havent heard anything back from them yet. i hope that i hear something by next weekend. but i'm still surprised that no ones been able to upload the pictures of them. :(

Chris Lawrence 08.27.2012 03:06 AM

I recall it, and I did some brief Googling to try to support your memory (before anybody had replied) and sadly came up short. My instinct when I saw the thread title was that it had been a joke cartridge somebody made up themselves, not an actual release. I used to have a stereo receiver that recorded 8-tracks, I presume you could just put whatever you wanted on one. Slap a sticker on it and ta-da! Even Google doesn't remember you.

tesla69 08.29.2012 12:11 PM

The last 8 tracks were made in 1988, Dirty was in 1992...say I'm from Iowa, you're gonna have to show me

Chris Lawrence 08.29.2012 10:59 PM

link doesn't work though, heh.

this review claims the site reviews "custom-made copies of Sonic Youth's Dirty", for what that's worth...

Dr Chocolate 08.30.2012 07:21 PM

there websites all funky now. but that sucks that the link dont work. but thats where i did get it eon's ago. sorry i cant produce the pictures of it. but will promise i will once i get back home.

and 8 tracks haven't really disappeared because The Latest Cheap Trick album is available on 8 track at $30 each

stirling 09.03.2012 03:20 AM

Chris Lawrence 09.03.2012 04:42 AM

Nice work stirling!!

Dr Chocolate 09.03.2012 07:16 AM

so it was a fan made one. i wasn't sure if it was or not. but big thanks for finding the actual page to refresh my memory with!

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