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Protectmeyou 04.05.2007 06:07 PM


Protectmeyou 04.05.2007 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by afterthefact
mine would have to be Sister. I just straight up love everything about this album, it doesn't have a single flaw.

hotwire my heart, a major flaw

Everyneurotic 04.05.2007 06:40 PM

1. (tied) dirty, confusion is sex and syr4: goodbye 20th century
2. pretty much everything else
3. daydream nation and rather ripped

atari 2600 04.05.2007 06:51 PM


youthoftomorrow 04.05.2007 07:09 PM

Daydream Nation or Sister. depends on the season.

EVOL and Nurse close behind.

auto-aim 04.05.2007 08:39 PM

I always see these kind fo questions pointless because there really is no answer for it - i mean to have one favourite out of all the records youve ever heard, i mean if you did have an answer to that you'd have to have a pretty narrow view of music.

I like sonic youth because they're consistantly great and it's like i cant see one album of theirs existing without another. That being said I'd go between sister, evol and nurse - i think. see! i cant even do it.

samuel 04.05.2007 08:40 PM

For the past two years, it's been A Thousand Leaves.

cagedbird 04.05.2007 08:40 PM

What is an album?

Mitch Albom? (



In college, my roommate had the Hole album with Malibu.

This is a post about my favorite album.

ahhavalon 04.05.2007 09:38 PM

It really depends on the mood, to me...
But, Daydream Nation is the one I would probably pick.

the ikara cult 04.05.2007 09:50 PM

the old personal meaning thing means that Sonic Nurse is my favourite ever.

Protectmeyou 04.06.2007 02:06 AM


Originally Posted by Diesel
totally right. you just made me realise (one motherfuckin time) why i like this album alot. it's sounds like a fucking great demo plus b-side shite material and for this reason alone lovely and the way music should be in the future....taklalala ay, no ay evol has the bubble gum shite so it's even ...

Bubblegum's not on the original, its a bonus track on the re-releases.

it does not count.

that makes Evol a flawless album.

Dead-Air 04.06.2007 02:13 AM

Bad Moon Rising hands down. Not just my favorite Sonic Youth record, but favorite record period.

HECKLER SPRAY 04.06.2007 09:00 AM

Sister, a fucking good album from the beginning to the end...

to.w 04.06.2007 09:05 AM

confusion is sex (for the moment)

HECKLER SPRAY 04.06.2007 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by to.w
confusion is sex (for the moment)

Why do you say " for the moment " ?

MellySingsDoom 04.06.2007 10:42 AM

For me, it's "Bad Moon Rising". There's not a weak moment, and the sequencing of the tunes is perfect.

Massassinated 04.06.2007 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by Protectmeyou
Bubblegum's not on the original, its a bonus track on the re-releases.

it does not count.

that makes Evol a flawless album.

Exactly. :D
I nearly systematically skip Bubblegum when I listen to Evol.
Expressway is a far better end to the album.

Massassinated 04.06.2007 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by SonicSam
DDN. I don't get people who think washing machine is their best album. Of the 10 SY LPs I've heard It is probably the worst!

Not my fave, but a close second (I would rank it #3 after Evol and DDN).
Slightly uneven, but with a very special tone that makes up for its flaws.
And No queen blues + the Diamond sea are amongst the finest songs of SY.

luxinterior 04.06.2007 12:43 PM

I agree with all of you Bad Moon Rising people. I haven't had an urge to listen to Sonic Youth in quite a while, but if I did I would most certainly pick that album.

atsonicpark 04.06.2007 12:44 PM

vision creation newsun.

oh wait.

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