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_tunic_ 05.02.2017 02:04 PM

Kickstarter campaign for IMPREC aka Important Records
I thought some of you vinyl freaks might be interested in this:



For 16 years IMPREC has operated in very tight quarters. As we have grown so has our inventory and we've run out of space.

About this project

In all our years of existence IMPREC has never occupied a dedicated office. We've used a basement as a print shop, a barn as a warehouse, a porch as an office and a front door as a receiving area. After 16 years of growth our inventory has expanded beyond our barn, our print shop outgrown the limits of our basement and the extreme winter/summer temperatures in our cramped office have become intolerable. IMPREC needs to move out of the house.
In order to renovate our barn into an office we need your help. In lieu of a merger, grants or expensive loans, we're appealing directly to you, our loyal audience, to help support our vision and create a space that IMPREC can use for at least the next 16 years!
With your donation, you're not just getting rare and collectible records but you're also helping us in our transition into a label with a focus on preserving and making available artists' archives. You will help provide the space necessary to make this important series of projects possible. In our new office we'll be helping to preserve the archives of Harry Bertoia, Pauline Oliveros, Tod Dockstader and more.
Donations of $15,000 will run electricity to the barn and structurally support the hay loft so we can start moving inventory upstairs, making room for the office.
Donations of $40,000 will do the above plus build an office for Imprec.

**** Please get in touch if you would like a combination of pledge levels. Kickstarter only allows you to pledge for one reward tier so if a combination is required we'll make one for you. ****

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