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finding nobody 09.03.2008 10:39 PM


for the first time

samuel 09.04.2008 12:23 AM

"To Shelia" - Smashing Pumpkins
I think it's a very pretty song. Verrrry pretttty.

batreleaser 09.04.2008 12:49 AM

swervedriver-mezcal head

thank god for electricd guitars

just finished cro mags-age of quarrel

Cantankerous 09.04.2008 05:18 AM

XM radio because my fucking airport express broke and now i have to go to the apple store and get a new one.

Cantankerous 09.04.2008 07:33 AM


noisereductions 09.04.2008 07:40 AM


Best thing he's done since Mobb Deep's HELL ON EARTH. Talk about paranoia! Yikes!

nicfit 09.04.2008 07:54 AM


noisereductions 09.04.2008 08:00 AM

^What's that? I'm assuming it's a Wolf Eyes release with misspelling for some reason? Or... is it another band I don't know? Can't possibly keep up with all Wolf Eyes albums.

al shabbray 09.04.2008 08:02 AM

but "worfeyes" is pretty funny

nicfit 09.04.2008 08:06 AM

it's my own new parody band :rolleyes:

greedrex 09.04.2008 08:11 AM

xiuxiu la foret

twisted shit

noisereductions 09.04.2008 08:22 AM

oh. wait. I get it now.

al shabbray 09.04.2008 08:25 AM

lee ranaldo william hooker - bouquet

Sonic Youth 37 09.04.2008 09:39 AM


I haven't been this taken by an album in a long fucking time.

Cantankerous 09.04.2008 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37

I haven't been this taken by an album in a long fucking time.

i'll kiss youuuuu with my staaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrblooooooooddddd

tom petty's radio show on XM

he's playing the who
and he played hendrix earlier

motherfucker's on a roll today!

lechaoscestmoi 09.04.2008 09:49 AM


was thiking to myself "wow the new ablum is amaazing!!!" but then i remembered that i'm actually listening to RIDE THE FUCKIN album comes next though

Sonic Youth 37 09.04.2008 09:53 AM as soon as I'm doing listening to this, I'm going out to buy/order a copy. Yet another thing I haven't done in a long while.

atsonicpark 09.04.2008 10:44 AM

I'm listening to death magnetic by metallica. It's actually pretty damn good.

noisereductions 09.04.2008 10:45 AM

Uh... what's with all this Metallica talk lately? It's weird.

atsonicpark 09.04.2008 10:45 AM

They have a new album and it's good and some people on here aren't close minded and actually listen to good music regardless of its popularity or its idiotic fanbase?

Not trying to be a smartass, though my reply looks like it.

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