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pantophobia 08.26.2008 08:55 PM

now on Boris - Flood

just stunningly beautiful

batreleaser 08.26.2008 09:18 PM


atsonicpark 08.26.2008 09:20 PM

viewtiful_alan 08.26.2008 09:22 PM



batreleaser 08.26.2008 09:56 PM

now: zs-arms

zs-the hard ep
sonic youth-silver sessions
daughters-hell songs
the bug-london zoo (still obsessed with this)
townes van zandt-for the sake of song
saccharine trust-the sacramental element
g. calvin weston-urban mythology volume 1 (very cool fusion stuff)

atsonicpark 08.26.2008 10:17 PM

zs are so good

Love that song on arms where all the members play the same notes as each other for like 6 minutes.

EMMAh 08.26.2008 10:18 PM

I'm just shuffling all the PJ Harvey I have.

drrrtyboots 08.26.2008 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
zs are so good

Love that song on arms where all the members play the same notes as each other for like 6 minutes.

Their repetitious parts are incredible, I love how the saxophone and guitars play in perfect pitch with one another. Incredibly talented band.

marleypumpkin 08.27.2008 12:20 AM



Cantankerous 08.27.2008 12:24 AM

grandmaster flash - the message

Florya 08.27.2008 01:37 AM


Cantankerous 08.27.2008 01:39 AM

the grateful dead: February 19, 1971

in. credible.

Florya 08.27.2008 01:56 AM


stu666 08.27.2008 02:15 AM

Madder Rose
Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England, UK
24th June 1994

from dime

Florya 08.27.2008 03:02 AM


vainio vaisanen vega - endless

demonrail666 08.27.2008 03:22 AM


Thor Anders Aase 08.27.2008 04:14 AM

bob hund: omslag martin kahn
no age
dengue fever

atsonicpark 08.27.2008 04:38 AM

dengue fever fucking RULES.

Thor Anders Aase 08.27.2008 04:45 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
dengue fever fucking RULES.

for sure.. like nothing I`ve heard before..

atsonicpark 08.27.2008 04:48 AM

I've posted about them a few times but nobody gave a shit. Brilliant music. Saw them live about 5 years ago. I think their guitarist went to jail for a while or something.

Glad someone else likes them. Their new album is one of my favorites of the year.

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