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demonrail666 05.27.2008 03:31 PM


marleypumpkin 05.27.2008 04:23 PM


Rob Instigator 05.27.2008 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

do you have the picture sleeve for this????

█████████ 05.27.2008 07:36 PM


demonrail666 05.27.2008 07:39 PM


gmku 05.27.2008 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by demonrail666



Sonic Youth 37 05.27.2008 09:02 PM


gmku 05.27.2008 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37


Sonic Youth 37 05.27.2008 10:38 PM


Everyneurotic 05.27.2008 11:12 PM

i'm listening to blues control - puff because, after recording monosodic all day, i need something gentler for my poor ears.

sarramkrop 05.28.2008 04:06 AM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
do you have the picture sleeve for this????


racehorse 05.28.2008 04:33 AM

Scattered Rhymes: Tarik O'Regan - Guillaume De Machaut - Gavin Bryars
(Orlando Consort - Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir - Paul Hiller)

This is just wonderful - Guillaume De Machaut was a poet and composer who lived in Medieval France. He wrote the first mass which can be attributed to a single composer - "Messe de Nostre Dame". This CD is a recording of this mass by the Estonian Philharmonic Choir, but it also contains modern neo-classical pieces composed or arranged by Tarik O'Regan and Gavin Bryans (who played with Tony Oxley and Derek Bailey at one point). All the modern pieces use De Machaut's mass as a deperature point, harmony-wise but also poetically as well. O'Reagan's Scattered Rhymes is particularly amazing for its complex, intertwining choral soundscapes.


Check it out - it's on harmonia mundi.

blunderbuss 05.28.2008 08:23 AM

invisible pyramid - elegy box (cd 6 to be precise)

Derek 05.28.2008 10:39 AM


Rob Instigator 05.28.2008 11:47 AM


stu666 05.28.2008 01:53 PM

mine finally arrived, just listened and really liked it

stu666 05.28.2008 03:58 PM

X.O.4 - all alien part one



greedrex 05.28.2008 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Kegmama


stu666 05.28.2008 05:27 PM

Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Fuckethead

jimbrim 05.28.2008 07:28 PM


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