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Hip Priest 03.23.2006 01:22 PM

The Unutterable by The Fall. Cyber Insekt is a viciously awesome opening track.

Inhuman 03.23.2006 01:23 PM

Assassins - Lightning Bolt

Everyneurotic 03.23.2006 02:10 PM

taj mahal travellers - august 1974

again, thatnks to whoever upped it on the yahoo group

Incesticide 03.23.2006 02:20 PM

Second disc of the Best of Pearl Jam.

hey alex 03.23.2006 02:22 PM

REM - murmur - currently on/// 9-9

I don't like much REM after murmur... but this album is nuclear awesome

soapbars 03.23.2006 02:27 PM

chat and business by the ikara colt

Inhuman 03.23.2006 02:27 PM

If it ain't Ruff - N.W.A

ohthehorror 03.23.2006 02:32 PM

Release the Bats, by The Birthday Party.

Savage Clone 03.23.2006 02:50 PM

Remindlessness- Steve Kilbey

Iain 03.23.2006 03:09 PM

A sampler cd from the Fonal label with stuff from Kemialliset Ystavat, Tv-Resistori, Islaja, Kiila and others. It's pretty good stuff.

And good call on that Taj Mahal Travellers one. I only have that on mp3 but I really like it. A pretty big influence on Double Leopards and other guys like that. To my ears at least.

Savage Clone 03.23.2006 03:43 PM

Taj Mahal Travellers fucking rule.

At present, I am rocking Too Much Too Soon by New York Dolls.

Hip Priest 03.23.2006 03:49 PM

Some old vinyl stuff - at the moment, Gaye Bykers on Acid's debut LP, Drill Your Own Hole.

sellouteater 03.23.2006 04:27 PM

Sonic youth~dude ranch nurse

krastian 03.23.2006 04:29 PM


o o o 03.23.2006 06:18 PM

television personalities - ...and don't the kids just love it

Savage Clone 03.23.2006 06:38 PM


soapbars 03.23.2006 07:49 PM

she hangs brightly by mazzy star

TheDom 03.23.2006 07:56 PM

Seinfeld on the TV.

Then The Daily Show, also on the TV.

schizophrenicroom 03.23.2006 08:12 PM

Birthday Party

soapbars 03.23.2006 08:31 PM

perfect teeth by unrest

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