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whorefrost 05.26.2007 09:00 AM

Ass Run # 5 - Max Factory.. bought it from D Nyoukis via ebay.. sounding great..

Iain 05.26.2007 09:34 AM

Yeah, I noticed that. I had that in my ebay list thing but totally forgot to bid on it. You got it pretty cheap as well I notice. Nice to see it went to someone that will appreciate it though and further thoughts on what it sounds like wouldn't go amiss.

whorefrost 05.26.2007 09:40 AM

splendid sounding free jazz skronk, quite abrasive without venturing into 'noise' territory. i can't really comment too much more at this stage after only an initial listen.

when Dylan got my address, he was quite surprised as I happen to live in a small Scottish village not too far from the one he originates from. Actually I was playing a gig once and Dora Doll (Of Prick Decay et al) got to know I was from this village and was quite astounded as well.

also - the packaging he sent me the record in was actually recycled packaging from a certain Thurston Moore.. looks like Thurston will be recieving my upcoming CD-R and fanzine... :D

sonic sphere 05.26.2007 10:38 AM

brian jonestown massacre-give it back!

LittlePuppetBoy 05.26.2007 11:29 AM

Everything Falls Apart and More-Husker Du

jimbrim 05.26.2007 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by Norma J
Yeah, it's good. I prefer The Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home, though.

Yeah, i owned 'The Lion Sleeps...' but recently lost it, well pissed off.

jimbrim 05.26.2007 11:46 AM

Fennesz/Sakamoto - Cendre

king_buzzo 05.26.2007 12:03 PM

Polvo-Vibracobra. Goddamn! I need to get Con Crane Street.
^That just finished- Now-

Spacemen 3-Revolution

sonic sphere 05.26.2007 01:07 PM

the very best of dr. john

ipo 05.26.2007 08:42 PM

julian cope-jehovakill

youthoftomorrow 05.26.2007 10:20 PM

Metallica - "Harvester of Sorrow"

Bicorn Halfelven 05.26.2007 11:16 PM

As of this second:

The Hidden Hand: "Second Coming"

In the last hour:

Deathspell Omega
Red Sparrowes
Tarantula Hawk

Norma J 05.27.2007 03:25 AM

Midnight Oil: Red Sails in the Sunset

On vinyl.

atsonicpark 05.27.2007 04:26 AM

I'm apparently not listening to the white stripes.

to.w 05.27.2007 04:45 AM


THEXTREMIST 05.27.2007 07:56 AM

The legend that is Bowie.

Space Oddity.

Nuff said :p

HECKLER SPRAY 05.27.2007 08:41 AM

Pavement - Unseen Power of the Picket Fence ( the REM song)

Iain 05.27.2007 08:53 AM

The sound of my housemates mobile phone for about the 10th time in the last hour...I'm pretty sure he's in his room totally monged.

sun city girl 05.27.2007 09:20 AM


the new kemialliset ystävät lp, album of the year?

Iain 05.27.2007 09:34 AM

I don't know, I haven't heard it yet. I'd be surprised if the new Dead C isn't in my top 10 at the end of the year...But it's May for heavens sake. We shouldn't be thinking about album of the year until at least......August?

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