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Iain 05.28.2006 06:16 PM

Ya Ho Wha - Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony

EMMAh 05.28.2006 06:18 PM

Keasbey Nights ~ Catch 22

nomadicfollower 05.28.2006 07:03 PM

MF Doom

Kallisti23chaos 05.28.2006 07:36 PM

*Masaki Batoh* Collected works 95-96

HaydenAsche 05.28.2006 08:41 PM


marleypumpkin 05.28.2006 09:14 PM

Text Of Light- Live: January 28, 2005

(check the bootleg thread for full info)

EMMAh 05.28.2006 09:21 PM

Gouge Away ~ Pixies

Everyneurotic 05.28.2006 09:31 PM

a friend's band (the one i made the thread about going to the release party), thc, i forgot to listen to the record until now.

ScreamingSchool 05.28.2006 10:19 PM

The Fall -Psykick Dancehall. I can dig it.

EMMAh 05.28.2006 10:24 PM

Piece of my Heart ~ Janis Joplin

Everyneurotic 05.28.2006 10:26 PM


but took a break to listen to syrfdraken (atsonicpark's idm shit)



sonic sphere 05.30.2006 07:10 AM

velvet underground loaded

screamingskull 05.30.2006 07:45 AM

Heatmiser - rest my head against the wall (from the album Mic City Son's)

marleypumpkin 05.30.2006 08:14 AM

Jim O'Rourke- Live @ Extrapool, Nijmegen, Sept 6, 1991

candymoan 05.30.2006 09:14 AM

office ramblings and inner thoughts of despair..

music would've been nice though...

Everyneurotic 05.30.2006 10:36 AM


acousticrock87 05.30.2006 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by candymoan
office ramblings and inner thoughts of despair..

music would've been nice though...

The soundtrack of life.

Jimmy Eat World - Firestarter

Trasher02 05.30.2006 11:02 AM

Nirvana - Blew

marleypumpkin 05.30.2006 11:03 AM

Great song.

DemonBox 05.30.2006 11:18 AM

Been listening to a mixtape I made a couple of day ago.

1. Ligthing Bolt - 2 Morro Morro Land
2. The Thing - Art Star
3. Sonic Youth - Rain On Tin
4. R.E.M - Can't get there from here
5. The Shins - Know Yr Onion
6. Belle & Sebastian - Casaco Marron
7. Simon and Garfunkel - Cecilia
8. The Cynics - Get my Way
9. The WHite Stripes - Red Rain
10. Hüsker Du - Sunshine Superman
11. The Strokes - Soma
12. Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic
13. Syd Barrett - Octopus
14. Violent Femmes - Old Mother Regan

1. Nirvana - Love Buzz
2. Roky Erickson And The Aliens - Bloody Hammer
3. The Gun Club - Texas Serenade
4. Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love?
5. John Coltrane - Giant Steps
6. Bob Dylan - Posetively 4th Street
7. Wilco - Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again)
8. Beatles - Blackbird
9. Frank Black - Atom In My Heart
10. The International Tussler Society - Highway Zen
11. Tom Waits - Diamonds And Gold
12. Velvet Underground - White Ligth/White Heat
13. Pixies - Gouge Away
14. Elliott Smith - The Biggest Lie

I think it turned out pretty damn well. Just now I'm listening to the new Raconteurs album, and yeah it's good.

EMMAh 05.30.2006 11:26 AM

Let's Go Get Stoned ~ Sublime

next step 05.30.2006 11:42 AM

Terraform - Shellac

acousticrock87 05.30.2006 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by Saturnine
psycho killer - talking heads

Awesome song. Just got that CD a couple weeks ago.

king_buzzo 05.30.2006 01:12 PM

sy-the sprawl

h8kurdt 05.30.2006 01:50 PM

Madonnas Ray of Light album

It'a quite a cool album. One of them you listen at 4 'o clock in the morning when a party is dying down.

EMMAh 05.30.2006 01:53 PM

Shit For Dreams ~ Devotchkas

king_buzzo 05.30.2006 02:03 PM

sy- hey joni

nomadicfollower 05.30.2006 02:33 PM

Rapeman - Two Nuns and a Pack Mule

Can anyone deny its greatness?

krastian 05.30.2006 03:19 PM


schizophrenicroom 05.30.2006 03:31 PM

surrender- cheap trick

i love this song so much.

krastian 05.30.2006 04:03 PM

^Hell band used to play that;)

marleypumpkin 05.30.2006 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by krastian



As for me, Sonic Youth- Murray Street Rehersal Tapes

Hip Priest 05.30.2006 07:23 PM

The Fall - I am Curious Oranj.

Has the best songwriting credit in history: "Jerusalem" (M. E. Smith, William Blake)

marleypumpkin 05.30.2006 07:29 PM

Hey Hip Priest!

I finally got to hear some The Fall. I'm very impressed. Quite a unique group.

Hip Priest 05.30.2006 07:31 PM

One of the very few unique groups, really. Awesomely huge back catalogue though - if you're considering a purchase, I'd recommend the Complete Peel Sessions Box Set - 6 discs, nearly 100 tracks, 1978-2005. A great place to start. Did you download the two gigs I sent to everyneurotic?

marleypumpkin 05.30.2006 07:35 PM

Yeah, I downloaded the May 14, 1987 show first, 'cuz I wanted to hear the, i guess you'd say, "earlier" stuff by them. But, I will take the recommendations you gave me right to the shopping list.

Hip Priest 05.30.2006 07:38 PM

It's a good place to start because:

a. you'll hear their whole career so far.
b. even if you end up buying the lp's the session versions are often quite different (better, in fact).
c. it's often very reasonably priced.
d. the Peel session version of 'Athlete Cured' is the finest, most joyous thing ever recorded. By anyone. It's just a fact.

To b honest, the set really picks up (from my point of view) on disc three - they suddenly go from being very good to being unbeatable at that time.

The other boot (2005) is very good too.

youtube, The Fall's two best singles:

Hit The North

Touch Sensitive

marleypumpkin 05.30.2006 07:43 PM

I'll make sure I give the 2005 boot a spin tonight.

Yeah, it's good to start w/ a huge collection of material when getting into a group. Especially if it spans their whole carreer. &, I agree, I've always liked rehersal/outtake versions of music more than an original releasing.

% thanks soo much for the recommendations.

Sonic Life

Hip Priest 05.30.2006 07:45 PM

Did you hear 'US 80's-90's'? Great song - the first Fall thing I heard, in fact.

marleypumpkin 05.30.2006 07:46 PM

Actually, that was the first song I listened to. Coincidence, I think not.
Great minds think alike.

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