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HaydenAsche 10.21.2006 06:20 PM

Play Animal Collective 3 times as loud as your dad's music.


Alex's Trip 10.21.2006 06:22 PM

I'm gonna go with the Blood Brothers instead. He hates them....

Edit: Dammit he just started playing a song I like...I think he sensed what I was about to do...

HaydenAsche 10.21.2006 06:23 PM

Paco Pena
No Dinero
Paco Pena
He Want Loco
Paco Pena
Down and Out
Paco Pena
He Lost His Hat

_tunic_ 10.21.2006 06:42 PM


against_the_grain 10.21.2006 07:12 PM

You're gonna lose that girl......The Beatles


SplitPeaches 10.21.2006 08:35 PM

...And I Love Her -- The Beatles

against_the_grain 10.21.2006 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by against_the_grain
You're gonna lose that girl......The Beatles


She's gone

Hall and Oates

:( :( :(

Inhuman 10.21.2006 08:40 PM

I;m lietrneing toi nothing

k-krack 10.21.2006 08:51 PM

Uh-ohh!! Inhuman's drunk again!

Inhuman 10.21.2006 08:59 PM

aGAIN?! i REPLIED TO THIS HREAD? i THOUG THT THIS WAS THE ONLY ODJE i DIDN'T REPLY TO/ iT'S saturdayt night though, have some fun <3

Sorry for the ca[s, I didn;t knopw ca[pslock exizted for a while

quartertonality 10.21.2006 09:02 PM

right now....Blur "Far Out", on Parklife.

Inhuman 10.21.2006 09:03 PM

I use tolistemn to blur but I only really heard that soccer hockey song WOO HOO that they play all the time n canadian radio

k-krack 10.21.2006 09:48 PM

I love the song Parklife, but that's about it.

youthoftomorrow 10.22.2006 12:29 AM


Ume - Urgent Sea

marleypumpkin 10.22.2006 12:33 AM

Jimi Hendrix - "Axis Bold As Love"

krastian 10.22.2006 02:07 AM


Tokolosh 10.22.2006 04:24 AM


Hip Priest 10.22.2006 04:53 AM

XTC's English Settlement:


toxic johnny 10.22.2006 05:06 AM


Everyneurotic 10.22.2006 10:55 AM


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