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dirty bunny 07.10.2009 04:33 PM



joe11121 07.10.2009 04:37 PM


TheDom 07.10.2009 04:45 PM


washer 07.10.2009 05:30 PM


demonrail666 07.10.2009 05:40 PM


demonrail666 07.10.2009 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by dirty bunny


Not as disgustingly awful as I first thought, that's for sure.

Fair play and all that, I'm just intrigued at how anyone could think it was disgustingly awful in the first place. I mean even if you didn't like it, in the big scheme of things it's hardly awful, let alone disgusting.

Savage Clone 07.10.2009 05:50 PM

A white-label promo copy of Robbie Basho's "Venus In Cancer."

dirty bunny 07.10.2009 05:57 PM

How is it that some music just strikes you as completely nauseating and the one of the most horrible things you've ever heard? Music invites an emotional response, it's not something that's really easy to put into words. Much like why I like Sonic Youth when on some levels they offend my senses.

Musical taste is one of those things I find impossible to defend.

SuperCreep 07.10.2009 06:45 PM


demonrail666 07.10.2009 07:18 PM


Derek 07.10.2009 07:56 PM

The Fall - Slates

SuperCreep 07.10.2009 08:00 PM


dirty bunny 07.10.2009 09:40 PM

pork soda- primus

SuperCreep 07.10.2009 10:46 PM


blech. I don't know why I decided to give this another listen. =\

Zombie Robot 07.11.2009 03:53 AM

tryn to go to bed. so tired. cant sleep.

sonic sphere 07.11.2009 04:01 AM


Death & the Maiden 07.11.2009 05:52 AM


sonic sphere 07.11.2009 05:54 AM


Derek 07.11.2009 06:36 AM

The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace

Shifty Prophet 07.11.2009 07:29 AM


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