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pad_023 02.21.2014 05:24 PM


Antagon 02.21.2014 06:26 PM


_tunic_ 02.22.2014 03:35 AM


Antagon 02.22.2014 08:54 AM

First album I bought without giving it a listen in advance in a long time. Too bad the cover artwork blows!


guest 02.22.2014 11:57 PM

20 years today




chocolate_ladyland 02.23.2014 02:35 AM

^that picture is unbelievable


Rob Instigator 02.24.2014 09:10 AM




Bertrand 02.24.2014 09:33 AM

The whole Sonic Youth catalogue, from the start
I'm listening to Dirty now; didn't think it was on par with the other ones when it was released; I stick with my judgment - the way it sounds makes me wish it already was over
Next are better albums

_tunic_ 02.24.2014 01:01 PM

I disagree

greedrex 02.24.2014 03:04 PM

St Vincent obsession....

Genteel Death 02.24.2014 04:02 PM


Great record if you're into all that library, nu-soul malarkey, which don't mean anything if you're trying to eat your sandwich and someone keeps on interrupting you. It's a good listen though, and ''All I Need'' makes perfect sense after an exercise session in the company's basement gym.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 02.24.2014 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by MellySingsDoom
Earlier - Napalm Death "From Enslavement to Obliteration" (1986 demos):


Now: Fujya & Miyagi: Electro Karaoke -

Oi Oi... good shit. Total chaos yo. Are you familiar with Napalm Death's American counterpart, Civil Disobedience?

Bytor Peltor 02.24.2014 10:11 PM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost
I'm pretty much on strict diet of Kyry Pmyu pamyu and cibo matto.

Thought this might help with your diet of cibo matto

Something new by, Wolf Eyes

Antagon 02.25.2014 10:12 AM


EVOLghost 02.25.2014 10:56 AM

wking up with The Gerogerigegege-Tokyo Anal Dynamite.

Nefeli 02.25.2014 01:27 PM

ended up checking out some old recordings of TOL, greenlight was superkind to share here, and those still sound fantastic.

at the same time....coca's endless snore..i mean, this goes on for hours now.

_tunic_ 02.25.2014 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_

I really like this band! There's a couple more live shows on as well

Next up: tracking my Dinosaur Jr recording of last September. yes there is a backlog

pony 02.25.2014 04:01 PM


pony 02.25.2014 07:28 PM


EVOLghost 02.25.2014 09:39 PM


Bytor Peltor 02.26.2014 07:13 AM


Antagon 02.26.2014 09:52 AM


stu666 02.26.2014 01:32 PM


Genteel Death 02.26.2014 03:33 PM

Tractor - Tractor (1970)

Antagon 02.26.2014 06:12 PM

The Ochrana:
One of the more obscure 1980s NYC dark rock-bands. I'm baffled that they didn't even release a single album.

Bytor Peltor 02.27.2014 09:28 AM

Dropping the needle on this was released 30 years ago today:


Rob Instigator 02.27.2014 09:44 AM




stu666 02.27.2014 02:17 PM


pony 02.28.2014 01:11 AM



_tunic_ 02.28.2014 07:45 AM


_tunic_ 02.28.2014 03:36 PM


Dr Chocolate 03.02.2014 03:50 AM

something to pass out listening to
also would make a great 60 minute mix tape
program repeated on both sides

Unfinished Music Volume 1 --> 29:08
Unfinished Music Volume 2 --> 26:30

Volume 1 = full album
Volume 2 = side 1 only

pony 03.02.2014 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by stu666


_tunic_ 03.02.2014 06:55 AM

Flying Horseman -- Memorial

final and possibly best song they played at last nights gig

_tunic_ 03.03.2014 08:41 AM

The Ex & Brass Unbound : ColdWeather : Live in Dublin

beep beep

pony 03.03.2014 01:17 PM


thanks, stu! :)

Antagon 03.03.2014 02:17 PM

Helium - Skeleton

whorefrost 03.03.2014 05:05 PM

Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Grateful Dead, etc.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 03.04.2014 12:06 AM



Nefeli 03.04.2014 06:12 AM

robert ashley

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