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hooligan37 02.20.2007 03:20 PM

I bought Sonic Youth's dinner in Providence
Hehe. I was the guy that Thurston mentioned during the show. I when over to Blakes across the street and the second I opened the door the first face I saw was Kim's. Then I look at the rest of the table and they were all there except for Lee who they said was eating somewhere else. I asked the waitress if I could pick up there tab ($67.00) and she said she'd check with them. After they eat they asked me to join them and I did. They were so friendly and talkative. Got a fews pics with them there and ended up getting a copy of the setlist and Kim's bass pick.

P.S I was the guy front and center at the show wearing the England/Kings of the noth jacket.

7yearbitch 02.20.2007 03:26 PM

but who lost his shit?

check out

guitarpro 02.20.2007 03:38 PM

Very cool

Yeah they are nice people very down to earth

So what was the set like?

greenlight 02.20.2007 04:46 PM

nice one.

Rob Instigator 02.20.2007 05:24 PM

fantastic! sonic life to YOU!

Trasher02 02.20.2007 05:25 PM

Jagshemash very nice.

Bal 02.21.2007 05:08 AM

where are the pics?
and what were they eating?

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