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The Soup Nazi 03.21.2019 10:00 PM


_tunic_ 03.22.2019 06:48 AM


Originally Posted by greenlight
that song starting @ 13:17 mark. uff.

there's no new song at that point ;-)
is uff positive or negative? in Dutch it means it's boring :-p

here's today's music at work:
Thee Silver Mount Zion 19/04/07 Lyon, Rail Théâtre

I've been not listening for them for way too long, have to make it up now

Antagon 03.23.2019 05:43 AM

It's a beautiful early spring day. Time is ripe for some Stone Roses


greenlight 03.23.2019 05:49 AM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
there's no new song at that point ;-)
is uff positive or negative? in Dutch it means it's boring :-p

oh so that was a continuation of whichever song, you know that part when all bandmembers joining singing with singer, no much music is played and it has that sad atmosphere.

uff as in heavy, brilliant. :)

greenlight 03.23.2019 06:01 AM

wow. Michael O'Shea s/t (1982) recorded in Wire’s Bruce Gilbert studio on one take with his own instrument Mo Chara [Irish for “My Friend”], built from an old door and strings, using phaser and echo pedals. I mean you need to read his bio to understand. so different. so interesting.


no journey's end

Savage Clone 03.23.2019 10:55 AM

Thanks for sharing that one. Sounds awesome. Definitely a homemade dulcimer of sorts but a thing all its own obviously. The minimal effects really take it to another level. I'll be seeking that one out.

marleypumpkin 03.23.2019 12:03 PM

Sacramnento based punk group, Pope Smashers


Antagon 03.24.2019 07:51 PM


Severian 03.24.2019 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon


The Gazpacho Gestapo 03.25.2019 08:50 PM


choc e-Claire 03.26.2019 03:51 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.26.2019 03:46 PM


Antagon 03.26.2019 04:25 PM

I'm really in the mood for Bossa Nova lately it seems

Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.26.2019 10:20 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.27.2019 12:22 AM


choc e-Claire 03.27.2019 12:31 AM

More of The Dead C. Tusk atm.

guest 03.27.2019 03:52 AM

oooooft puppy^^

one of the gr8s

that bit where the title track just disembowels itself and you’re left with the innards all splayed on the floor, just whirring frequencies and moans/purrs.....the basement thrives

Antagon 03.27.2019 03:45 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.27.2019 07:57 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.27.2019 08:13 PM


Deftones fans shit on Gore and I have no idea why. Honestly, it might even be my favorite.

Just a nice little post-rock album. Never gets 'heavy' necessarily and it is absolutely the album I'd recommend to anyone curious about the band in 2019. Like any other girls w a septum ring 5 years younger than me.... yummm

Lots of dynamic neat little things going on here. I dig it.

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