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Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.11.2010 04:10 PM


Derek 10.11.2010 04:33 PM



Torn Curtain 10.11.2010 05:17 PM

David Gilmour - Echoes (acoustic, Abbey Road studios)

SpaceCadetHayden 10.11.2010 07:04 PM

Kid Cudi.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.11.2010 07:11 PM


Death In June - All Pigs Must Die

tw2113 10.11.2010 07:23 PM

anything I can get my hands on by The Muffs

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.11.2010 09:22 PM


a-p a. niemi 10.12.2010 05:58 AM


Mortte Jousimo 10.12.2010 09:55 AM

Spirit: Twelve dreams of doctor Sardonicus
Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
Plain Ride: House on the hill
B 52`s: B 52`s
J.J. Cale: Troubadour
Sonic Youth: Flower/Halloween

Mortte Jousimo 10.12.2010 09:56 AM

And of course: Grinderman 2

a-p a. niemi 10.12.2010 12:56 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.12.2010 01:17 PM


loubarret 10.12.2010 01:36 PM


shabbray2.0 10.12.2010 01:38 PM

to shitty trendstep...
note to myself: stop it!

noisereductions 10.12.2010 02:11 PM


Ghostchase 10.12.2010 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Playing in the DVD player as I do some housework:


Awesome! Big fan of them.. gotta get around to buying that! Have you seen the Holy Ground NYC Live DVD?


stu666 10.12.2010 04:35 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.12.2010 04:36 PM


Torn Curtain 10.12.2010 04:37 PM

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the machine (Oakland 1977)

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.12.2010 05:46 PM


ann ashtray 10.12.2010 09:02 PM

Allman Brothers Band - Fillmore East

What a fantastic show.

automatic bzooty 10.12.2010 10:57 PM


viewtiful alan redux 10.12.2010 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions

How are you liking it?

a-p a. niemi 10.13.2010 02:17 AM


sonic sphere 10.13.2010 04:28 AM


ann ashtray 10.13.2010 05:12 AM


atsonicpark 10.13.2010 05:25 AM


batreleaser 10.13.2010 10:37 AM

Bolt Thrower-All That Remains

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.13.2010 10:44 AM


Psychic TV - Allegory and Self


NaTaS - Life After Death

viewtiful alan redux 10.13.2010 11:02 AM


This should, by default, be infallible.
Unfortunately it isn't (Ivan Meets G.I. Joe isn't essential anything..) as the second half of the second disc falls flat, much like the band's career did the further they went on... so I guess it is an accurate career overview...

I'm bitching too much, its a great comp, but not perfect like it should be.

noisereductions 10.13.2010 12:19 PM

viewtiful, what do you think of I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING? I like it.

Tokolosh 10.13.2010 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
This along with the DVD I picked up last week (only cost me $6) is the only thing I have by them......what would you recommend next?

I bought this split at one of their concerts a few years back and I love it.


Listening to this now.


Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.13.2010 03:16 PM



noisereductions 10.13.2010 07:21 PM

^yay yo

SpaceCadetHayden 10.13.2010 07:31 PM

shame on you

Dead-Air 10.13.2010 09:26 PM

Japan - Obscure Alternatives

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.13.2010 11:23 PM


Fun Fact - Track 04, Pimpsuit, is one of Kane Hodder's favorite songs of all-time. He especially likes blaring it while he drives.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 01:56 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 04:29 AM



noisereductions 10.14.2010 07:29 AM


Originally Posted by viewtiful alan redux
How are you liking it?

I like it. I'm not as connected to it as REBIRTH which might seem strange. But this one feels more like a really really good mixtape to me. Y'know? Not like an album. There's a really good run of songs in the early middle though. I don't know if you got the CD yet, but the bonus tracks are kind of bad YM tossoffs. Also, as great a song as "Single" is, it was already NO CEILINGS last year, which you can find in stores this year. But whatever. Cash Money wants some $. Can't blame em for that. Also of course it's nice to hear Wayne back on some "raw rap" shit. The beats are mostly good, with only a couple of throwaways (the YM bonus tracks). Ultimately this is just a good mostly solid stop-gap release that hardcore fans will revisit and casual fans will overlook, much like WE ARE YOUNG MONEY or LIKE FATHER LIKE SON.

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