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doctor dan 03.23.2006 07:10 AM

forming pieces from electronic manipulations
iv been messing around with manipulating samples of guitar and ambience for a while now, adding noise modulation, grain delay and other general tweakings (mainly using spongefork and ableton). Ive created some beautiful sounds, but at the moment thats all they are, beautiful sounds. do you guys have any ideas or experience over how to craft these into pieces. im not talking songs, obviously, but just pieces that hang cohesively and develop in an interesting way. ill try and upload some when im back home with my broadband connection, as opposed to my shitty wireless.

_slavo_ 03.23.2006 11:47 AM

that's interesting man, that's what I do, basically, too.

i just use different means...I abuse in Cubase and FL Studio

I can yousendit some of my ambient works to you if you wanna. maybe we can share samples and do some sort of collaboration or so.

saoq 03.23.2006 01:28 PM

you are asking about the form/structure of the pieces. i guess you can listen and actually pay close attention to structured electronic manip./ drone/ambient pieces- say jim o'rourke 's "1 2 3 .." . other than i think you have to come w/ something up on you're own since there aren't any standard formulas

and a tip on another level: w/ a program that allows live input - such as audiomulch, put a cable in the line in, and a cable in the line out. Touching both w/ varying pressure through the effect/modulations set up creates some crazy - and *really* loud so be careful* soundscapes.

Inhuman 03.23.2006 01:31 PM

What my band does is usually have different feedbacks consistent throughout the song, then do cool electronic stuff over the feedback as well as add drums and other sounds using FL Studio and a Sampler

doctor dan 03.23.2006 02:30 PM

cool thats some good tips, thanks. at the moment my main inspirations for this style work are things like fennesz and keith fullerton whitman. id be more than happy to trade samples with peeps, but im on a really slow/shite wireless connection here at uni, so itd have to be via snail mail. pm me.

ooo i should also point out that i use an apple ibook, so some programs (such as fl and audiomulch) are unavailable to me. i dont mind tho, as it means i can run spongefork, which is an intensely powerful sample modualation/theremin/sampler/filter type affair.

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