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!@#$%! 03.22.2006 05:07 PM

Tarantula Hill Burnt Down
yes baltimore denizens & nautical almanac fans. sadly, the rumors are true. and if you haven't heard, here is the email i received today. i hope it fits the space allowed here.
As some of you may know tarantula hill caught on fire this past st.
patrick’ s day. Fortunately caleb was there and able to keep things
under control as best he could. The fire started on the first floor in
the front room: a bag of packing peanuts caught on fire (mostly likely
from a faulty flourescent light and curious cat) and it quickly spread
to the ceiling and walls. After trying to fight the fire Caleb was
forced to leave and the firefighters arrived thereafter. They knocked
hole in the front formstone, smashed out the windows above and were
to get the fire out before it spread to the second floor or back of the
house. They extiguished the fire without cutting a hole in the roof
which we thank them for. Doing their jobs they went through the house
and ripped all of the electrical lines out of the walls and removed
dangerous appliances like space heaters and tv’s. After the firemen
left peter was able to turn off the water main and stopped the burst
pipes from flooding any further. All kitties succumbed to the smoke
which filled the entire house. And even though it was a tragic event
for us we are truly blessed that we were not in the house sleeping and
that caleb was there to do something right away and able to escape
relatively unscathed.
During the time of the fire we were in New York City for the No Fun
fest. The fire happened on friday but we were assured by max that the
best thing to do was stay with our friends and wait a couple of days to
come home. We passed the time in the best way we could- with our
friends and loved ones surrounding us and offering their support (thank
you to everyone who was there). Twig was able to perform music to
express himself and carly cooked and rabbleroused as is her nature.
had mind expanding events unfold throughout the entire time. All of
this was done with tumultuous emotions ranging from thankfulness for
that we have and unknowing questions about the future near and far.
During these days Caleb, Max, and Peter organized an extensive clean up
crew of fellow baltimore friends (thank you everyone who came and
helped) and did an amazing amount of work putting the house in order
best they could. They knew as well as us that we would not stay if we
saw the house in the condition the fire and water left it in. All of
this happened without coverage by an insurance company who would not
possibly have covered the damages anyway (we have a woodstove and
mostly uninsurable items) but with the insurance of our friends and
family who have already demonstrated that they will be there for us
we need them.

We arrived home yesterday and are still assessing the damages. They
high. All ‘ebay’ items in the front room are gone as well as the
electronics workshop and carly’s studio. Water poured on top of the
equipment storage room and leaked into the basement. The second and
third floors are mainly windowless and covered in black soot as well as
knocked out walls and strewn items. At the end of this email you will
find a more detailed list of what’s gone and what we need. Needless to
say it is a bleak landscape filled with ruined tools and cherished
items. The building is in an as bad or worse condition than when we
moved in and the material elements of five and more years work is

It is a difficult decision that we are facing in every way. We know
we have inside of us and that we can take that anywhere but also that
there is no place where we would rather go than to the inspiring space
that we have shared with our friends and over the years called
hill. We know that we stand for something to many people but also that
we don’t want other people’s perceptions of us to direct our lives. We
know that we cannot do the rebuilding alone under any circumstances but
also that we have experienced an outpouring of love and willingness to
help from every direction. With these thoughts in mind we leave the
space open to you. Our hopes is to have a building with an open space
on the first floor ready to receive all of the people and ideas who
come to it as well as a home above in which to store our hearts. With
the ripping out of the walls and the ceiling we imagine a clean space
which to store tools to be more easily be used by all including the
locals who have also expressed their love and concern. The main thing
that we need to do this is manpower and vision. It will be a long
process which was begun which a short burst of flame but must flow with
the longevity of a small winding creek to sustain itself.

So then, what now? All agree that carly should go on her two month
starting this weekend as planned. She not only needs the time and
in which to make her own personal decisions, but also is not physically
up to the immediate task with her recent back problems. Twig will also
be leaving for a long needed break in the month of june as previously
planned. Together they will organize the best they can without a
electricity or nearby computer access. We feel your support inside our
hearts and thank you. And we apologize in advance that we will not be
able to respond to most of your calls or emails other than those
regarding immediate planning. If you want to come down to help let us
know when because too many people and not enough tools equals very
little work done.

Below you will find a list of items needed and items lost; if you have
extras to donate or those we can borrow send them along. If you would
like to lend financial support our paypal adress is
and we will be recieving mail to 2118 w. pratt, baltimore md 21223. We
may get a cell phone but do not currently have a number we can be
reached at though you can try caleb’s at 410-947-2805. We welcome and
encourage ideas on how to build off the grid.


carly and twig

R.I.P. We Loved You
all DAT tapes
video masters & films
computers and hard drives
‘theguardian’ master reel

Items Needed to Rebuild
laptop with wifi
cell phone
certified electrician
electrical items (conduit, 12 g wire, boxes, etc)
hand tools (hammers, handsaws, crobars, screws, scrapers, etc)
root canal
plastic sealable tubs
drinking water dispenser & jugs
tall ladders
washtubs, scrubbers & soaps
window covering
record sleeves & printing for dogjaw (thank you united for warping the
fire extinguishers

plywood & boards
glass blocks
welder (person)
dsl modem & router

Things we lost & could use again someday
suzy’s fancy camera (8 x 10?)
fancy desktop w/ big video harddrive & dvd burner
laser & color printer
scully 16 track
digital video cameras (2, sorry max)
nikon 8400 digital camera
sx-70’s, pxl, super8’s and other camera’s
copy machine
alesis hr-16 (rip)
brother pattern knitting machine & yarn
dat machines
studio electronics (please dry & work)
instruments (too numerous to name)
carly’s printed & matted collages
various furniture
minidisc recorder
tv vcr dvd recorder
art supplies
space heaters
metal printing blocks
ebay stuff (we know you are gone and apologize to future and previous
owners and attachments)
art supplies and collections

Things We Still Have and are Thankful For (but are dirty and smoky)
record cutter
personal photos & papers
dvd/cd copier
digital photo back-up discs (you better work)
most merchandise (cover the earth lps & various cd’s)
propane powered kitchen stove
record collection
cdr and zine collection
savings bonds
screenprintng equipment
poster collection (hope your box worked please dry out okay)

p.s. sorry if you are receiving more than one copy of this we are
sending it to all of our email adress books, lists, etc. also sorry if
we missed you. feel free to pass this on. and if you don’t know why
getting this sorry you are in our adress book for some reason.

Tarantulahill mailing list

Savage Clone 03.22.2006 05:11 PM

I posted this the other day.
Too bad it sank like a lead balloon.
This is so harsh.

Dan 03.22.2006 05:40 PM

I got this in the newsletter from the True Vine Record Shop. Really shitty news. I'm gonna try to hit up a benefit show either tomorrow or next week to pitch in a couple bucks.

Dan 03.22.2006 06:31 PM

These are all the benefits happening at the True Vine.

Thursday Mar 23, 8PM
with Snacks (Tom Boram and Dan Breen), Louie Louie (Jason Willett and others), Bonnie Jones and Andy Hayleck, Mugwump (?), Nick Becker, Caleb Johnston, Peter B., John Berndt, Kate Porter, Melissa Moore and Mike Muniak. Musicians will set up all over the store and may play whenever they feel like, whether anyone else is playing or not. We're all in this together. (A portion of any record sales on this night will go to the Ptak/Harper relief fund.)

Friday March 24, 9PM
Kevin Robinson Ensemble

Tuesday March 28, 9PM
Jack Rose
Lexie Mountain
Blaster Al Ackerman
Paul Simpson

Friday March 31, 9PM

Monday April 3rd, 8PM EARLY SHOW
Success Through Hypnosis
Shawn Phase

Friday April 7, 9PM

Saturday April 8, 9PM
Eyes Like Saucers (Jeff from Urdog on solo harmonium)
Area C (on Last Visible Dog)
Twig Harper (maybe?)

Friday April 14, 9PM
Dan Higgs (Lungfish)
Otto Hauser (Espers)
Asa Irons (Feathers)

Saturday April 15, 9PM
Little Howlin Wolf
Pigeons (members of Sea Donkeys)


I'm gonna make sure to go to April 14th among others.

!@#$%! 03.22.2006 10:22 PM

bummer, i won't be here so i won't be able to go but maybe i have a couple of dsl modems :confused:

krastian 03.23.2006 01:05 AM

I saw sucks.

!@#$%! 03.23.2006 02:55 AM

here's the link to the true vine
maybe i'll try going before/after AC @ recher (if they are open late??)

noah 04.03.2006 03:16 AM

man, that shit fuckin sucks. i feel terrible for twig and carly

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