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Bytor Peltor 05.24.2018 04:00 AM

Eastern Conference Finals Game 5
Cleveland 83
Boston 96

Once again the home team wins by double digits.

I hear many say that the regular season is too long and doesn’t matter, but when you can’t win a playoff game on the road, It Does Matter!!!

LeBron was completely spent in the 2nd half, no energy and is line explains it all:
Lebron = 4/11 FG 36% 4 Turnovers......ZERO assists.

LeBron = TWO points and TWO turnovers is the last 16 mintes of the game.

HUGE adjustments from Celtics so LeBron couldn’t isolate or backdown Rozier on switches!

Bytor Peltor 05.25.2018 01:54 AM

Western Conference Game 5
Golden State 94
Houston 98

The Rockets ONLY played SEVEN players Thursday night.

Harden was terrible with the ball!!!
Green played 16 minutes
Ariza + Tucker combined for 14 points
CP3 got hurt at the end.

Golden State had four all-stars, 3 MVP awards and 2 Defensive Player Of The Year awards and couldn’t beat the Rockets!!!

The Rockets win despite James Harden going 0-for-11 from 3.

Harden matches John Starks in Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals (0-11) for the most 3-point attempts without a make in playoffs history.

James Harden on 3-Point shooting woes: “I’m missing shots, but we’re winning. Trying to compete on the defensive end, trying to help us win, getting guys shots. If we play defense like this we have a chance.”

Another way to say it:

James Harden was 5-21, 0-11 from 3, had 6 turnovers
Trevor Ariza made ONE SHOT
Rockets shot 37%.

And They Won

The Rockets' seven players are committed to not letting the Warriors get to the basket......brilliant 7-man rotation adjustment by D’Antoni......down to 6-man rotation once Chris Paul got hurt.

Chris Paul didn’t meet with Media following the game. Rockets confirmed it’s his hamstring, will update tomorrow at practice.

Can the Rockets survive if Chris Paul misses time......Houston has a positive points differential this series when Harden is on the court and Paul is off the court!!!

Steph Curry on Chris Paul's shimmy: "It was well deserved. It was a tough shot. If you can shimmy on somebody else, you've got to be all right getting shimmied on. So I'll keep shimmying and maybe he will as well."

Mike D’Antoni said Eric Gordon will move to the role of playmaker if Chris Paul doesn’t return from a hamstring injury in Game 6.

Can James Harden play that badly again???

I think there’s a possibility James has an All-Time EPIC game!

Can Kevin Durant play as badly?

Kevin Durant:
-Game 4 = 9-for-24 (37.5 percent = worst playoff % with the Warriors)
-Game 5 = 8-for-22 (36.4 percent = worst playoff % with the Warriors)

Steve Kerr: “I feel great about where we are right now. That may sound crazy, but I feel it.”

Do The Rockets Want It More???

Rob Instigator 05.25.2018 09:29 AM

Go Rockets!!!!

Bytor Peltor 05.27.2018 06:36 AM

Western Conference Game 6
Houston 86
Golden State 115

Houston had a 10 point lead on the road with a 3-2 Series......ONLY score 9 4thQ points, total of 25 in the second half.

Warriors held the Rockets to 25 points in the second half and nine points in the fourth quarter, setting franchise playoff records for fewest points allowed in a half & quarter.

How much did the Rockets miss Paul??

Rockets had 26 assist opportunities in Game 6, their fewest in a postseason game this year.

Paul was averaging 12 per game this series.

PJ TUCKER - "Obviously we didn't want to play a game 7, but we've got the opportunity to close out the series."

D’Antoni on his guys getting tired: “I’m sure they did but so did (the Warriors). It’s the playoffs. Some guys are going to get tired but we’re going to have to fight through.

Mike D'Antoni cutting the rotation to 7 guys has been drastically more of an advantage than disadvantage.

Mike D'Antoni on Chris Paul possibly coming back for Game 7: "I have no idea."

James Harden had ZERO free throws in the second half.

Steve Kerr: “I thought Nick Young did a great job defensively” which, yeah, we’re in 2018.

Draymond Green only called for ONE foul......hilarious.
Draymond Green is the first player in NBA history with at least 9 assists, 5 blocks and 4 steals in a playoff game.

James Harden:"There's no pressure. It's an opportunity, an opportunity that we all are excited to be a part of. Game 7 at our house, that's what we've worked the entire regular season for to get home-court advantage. So we're going to come out and be ready."

On the chances of a Chris Paul comeback with right hamstring injury for Game 7, source tells ESPN: "Less likely than likely, but working every angle to try."

Bytor Peltor 05.28.2018 01:33 AM

Easter Conference GAME SEVEN
Cleveland 87
Boston 79

The Celtics were defeated just one time at home this post season: Game 7

There had ONLY been a total of ELEVEN leaded changes in Games 1-6 of the Cavaliers vs. Celtics series......NINE lead changes in Game 7

Boston made only 7 of 39 three-point attempts, including 10 missed 3’s in the 4thQ.

LeBron James has won 6 straight Game 7’s. LeBron won a road game in 32 of last 33 series. He will play in his 9th Finals. This is perhaps the greatest Eastern Conference win of his career......especially when you consider Kevin Love missing the last two games due to concussion protocol.

LeBron has made the finals every year since ”the decision" it didn't ruin his career like many......? ? ? ?

The Cavs’ second leading scorer last night was Jeff Green. A dude on a minimum contract. Despite the roster around him, the East still can’t beat LeBron 4 times in a 7-game series.

LeBron played all 48 minutes in his 100th game of the season in his 15th year and went 34-15-9 without Kevin Love in Game 7, and is in his eighth straight finals..

Bytor Peltor 05.28.2018 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Chris Paul is now a Houston Rocket ��

Rockets send: Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Decker and a 2018 pick to the LA Clippers in the Sign-&-Trade deal.

I posted the above one year ago today. Tonight, CP3 has the opportunity to play in the biggest game of his carrier and I believe he and his hammy will give it a go.

Why the Rockets will win:
Home teams in Game 7s are 104-26 (.800) all-time.

Why the Warriors will win:
Defending champs are 8-0 in Conference Finals Game 7s since the NBA began seeding in 1984.

Bytor Peltor 05.29.2018 02:50 AM

Western Conference Finals Game SEVEN
Golden State 101
Houston 92

The Rockets had 11 offensive rebounds at the first half......after not having more than 10 in a game prior this series.. Houston's team high for offensive boards in these playoffs is 12 in Game 2 of the First Round series vs. Minnesota.

After 1stQ: Steve Kerr - “One of theWorst quarters we've ever played"

For the most part, Houston was having their way with Golden State during the 2ndQ.......NOT ONE GSW outscored Clint Capela in the first half.

“Golden State is embarrassing themselves right now." --Hubie Brown on ESPN radio during the 2ndQ

Rockets led 54-43 at halftime.
Rockets led 58-53 with 6:45 remaining in 3rdQ
Rockets led 61-58 with 4:50 remaining in 3rdQ

End of the 3rdQ
Golden State 76
Houston 69

Golden State has been so dominant in the 3rdQ this year/series

Game 1: 31-24 GSW
Game 2: 38-29 HOU
Game 3: 34-24 GSW
Game 4: 34-17 GSW
Game 5: 27-26 GSW
Game 6: 33-16 GSW
Game 7: 33-16 GSW

Final: GSW +61

At one point, 25 straight misses from THREE is really unbelievable!!!

Trevor Ariza: 0-of-11 shooting, 0-of-8 from THREE

When the Rockets have missed their last 25 triples. If they make 5, they’re up FIVE!!!

Kevin Durant: “We knew at some point they’d tire out. James dribbled so much each possession, I know at some point he’ll wear down and we were going at him on the defensive side of the ball as well"

Eric Gordon: on Chris Paul's absence: "If he was out there, we would be playing on Thursday."

Mike D'Antoni: “I'm devastated. I'm proud. I don't know what I am.”

Harden - "One half of basketball. ... It's extremely frustrating."

Kevin Durant on whether Rockets are close to catching the Warriors: "Anything could happen over the summer, for both sides."

Ok so let me see if my analytics are right.
Houston shot 44 3’s, made 7 3’s for 21pts, missed 37 3’s for a possible 111pts, but all they needed was 6 TWO point shots to win by one?

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey: "We should have won tonight. I don't have much else to say."

Bytor Peltor 05.31.2018 08:34 PM

The Warriors are the fifth franchise in NBA history to reach the Finals in four-straight seasons......joining:

Boston Celtics (10, 1957-1966; 4, 1984-87)
Cleveland Cavaliers (4, 2015-18)
Los Angeles Lakers (4, 1982-1985)
Miami Heat (4, 2011-2014)

Golden State and Cleveland are the only two franchises in any sport to face each other four straight years in their leagues Championship.

Keys for Cleveland to beat Golden State, score 20 or more points in the 4th Quarter while holding Golden State to fewer than 30 points.

Control the tempo of play.

(sure wish I knew how to post pics from my iPhone)

Bytor Peltor 06.01.2018 04:00 AM

NBA Finals Game One —- OVERTIME]
Cleveland 114
Golden State 124

Cleveland was tied at Golden State, George Hill was at the free throw line with one shot and 4.7 seconds remaining in the game. The free throw was missed, J.R. Smith rebounds the ball and instead of laying it back in for a two point win, he dribbles out to the top of mid-court thinking they have the lead......

Why was the he ENTIRE Cavs team not calling timeouts?
Why was this not relayed from bench before 2nd FT (in case of a miss)?
Why did Lue not headbutt the ref to get his attention?
Why did LeBron allow JR to play duck duck goose before signaling for timeout?

JR Smith: I was tryna find Kyrie

—-O V E R T I M E—-

Golden State outscored Cleveland by 10 points in OT.

LeBron James is the first player in NBA history to lose a Finals game in a 50-point effort.

James is now 1-8 in his career in Game 1 of the NBA Finals (lone win: 2011 vs Mavericks, a series that LeBron and the Heat lost.

JR played 19 of 24 2nd half minutes and was a minus-7.
In the five minutes he sat, the Cavs were a plus-7.

Thirty minutes after the game ended and the Cavs locker room still wasnt open.
ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols: “The Cavaliers’ collective anger at the officiating postgame was at a level I haven’t seen in a long time.”

LeBron James is the only player in NBA history to score or assist on 70 Pts in a Finals game and lose. He's done it on 2 occasions - both against the Warriors (also 2015).

Jerry West (twice) and Walt Frazier are the only other players to score or assist on 70 Pts in the Finals.

LeBron James is shooting 6-26 (19%) when guarded by Stephen Curry in his Finals career, including 2-5 with a turnover in OT on Thursday.

The Warriors are 12.5-point favorites for Game 2

The Warriors in OT...

- Assisted on all 5 of their made FG, shooting 5-5 directly off passes (3-3 on 3-pt FG).

- Shot 4-4 on uncontested shots while contesting all 9 of Cleveland's shots (2-9 FG).

- Held LeBron James to 0-4 FG, all defended by either Curry or Durant.

Kevin Durant is 10 of 26 in the 4th quarter since the start of the Western Conference Finals.

Bytor Peltor 06.04.2018 02:19 PM

NBA Finals Game Two
Cleveland 103
Golden State 122

.....,and it wasn’t even that close!

Cleveland outscored GS 34-31 in the 3rdQ

Steph Curry set a Finals record for three-pointers made in a game (9) and now also has the highest lifetime total for threes made in the Finals (90).

Ray Allen had the single-game record (8, 2010), and LeBron James had the highest career total (85 after tonight).

A couple of years ago Steph Curry endured endless 3-1 slander and never once used his injured knee as an excuse. LeBron James goes down 0-2 in a series and and on Cavs radio talks about how the odds have been stacked against him since pre-school = LeBitch

LeBron James is averaging 34.6 points per game this postseason on a 62.1 TS%. Only one is averaging above 10 points per game.

And Your NBA Finals MVP Is......

Bytor Peltor 06.07.2018 06:45 AM

Golden State 110
Cleveland 102

NO NBA team has come back from being down 0-3 in the Finals.

Steph Curry is one game away from having as many Championship rings as LeBron James.

Kevin Durant was 3-3 on 3-pointers taken from 30+ feet away! KD had 43 points on 23 shots with 13 boards and 7 assist.

Cavs got a 30-point triple double from looked like a rough night for him.

Bytor Peltor 06.09.2018 07:08 AM

Golden State 108
Cleveland 85

Lebron with 12 total shot attempts and 5 turnovers in Game 4

Pretty devastating scene in the Cavs locker room. LeBron, ice on his knees, feet in an ice bucket, right hand wrapped in ice and a towel over his head is slumped back in his chair. Everyone else quiet with 1000 yard stares.

During the four games of the NBA Finals, there were 54 plays that ended with Stephen Curry on LeBron James. Curry held LeBron to 12 points, and the Cavaliers shot 36% as a team on those plays.

LeBron James suffered a significant right hand injury after Game 1 when he punched a black board in the locker room, sources report. He had 2 MRIs & has been wearing a soft cast. LeBron not using injury as an excuse but kept quiet to prevent Warriors from knowing.

A product of the hand issue? LeBron James recorded an average shot distance of 12.6 feet in Game 1. In Games 2-4, that average dropped to 8.4 feet.

Warriors forward David West says there was a lot going on behind the scenes that people will be shocked about when it comes out??????

Klay Thompson: “Passed up my Dad (for titles), so I’m pretty happy about that.”

Barkley, Webber, Grant Hill very critical of LeBron on NBA TV postgame. "He packed it in," Barkley said. Barkley said he intends to "slap the hell" out of any media person who ever again says LeBron is as good as Jordan.

Since Cleveland won Game 7 in 2016:

WARRIORS vs. Cleveland

11-2 straight up
9-4 against the spread
Outscoring CLE by 11.1 ppg
Championship win in 5 games
Championship sweep

LeBron James is now 3-6 in the NBA Finals — and has been swept twice......this his legacy!!

While the Rockets are the only team that is close to beat these Warriors. They beat them 5 times this year, all with CP3. They would’ve won Game 7 if he had played. That is both encouraging and oh so frustrating.

Warriors in the playoffs since Durant joined the team: 32-6. 2 titles.
4-3 vs Rockets⁠ ⁠.
28-3 vs all other teams.

Bytor Peltor 12.19.2018 10:40 PM

Tonight the Houston Rockets set a new NBA record with 26 3-pointers made!

Bytor Peltor 01.04.2019 09:53 AM

By far the GREATEST game the NBA has seen this season. Rockets trailed by 20, but James Harden decided to James Harden with a 44 point Triple Double performance......winning the Game on a final second 3pt shot:

James Harden is the only player in NBA history to make five or more 3-pointers in eight consecutive games!!!!!!!!

It was almost for not as Kevin Durant was allowed to save a loose ball from going out of bounds while STANDING OUT OF BOUNDS......look for the NBA to make an announcement later today:

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