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Bytor Peltor 05.17.2017 07:47 AM

Game 2

Last night was the warriors’ largest playoff win in 69 years.
(largest: 39-point victory on 4/6/48, Philadelphia at St. Louis).

Warriors, who have won 10-straight in the playoffs, are the ninth team in NBA history to post a double-digit postseason winning streak.

Warriors' bench scored 63 points in Game 2, a season-high (regular season or postseason).

The Warriors have won each of the last 4 quarters by at least 11 points each.

Golden State has earned its fifth wire-to-wire victory of this postseason.



Spurs: 136 points is most allowed by a Gregg Popovich-coached team in a playoff game.

Spurs have their largest playoff deficit under Gregg Popovich (41 points)

Largest 1st Half Deficits - Spurs Under Gregg Popovich

Tuesday 31 at Warriors
May 1, 2017 30 Rockets
March 6, 2011 29 Lakers

Wow Wow Wow = Pop rarely says anything about scoring, but concerning Aldridge he said, "He's got to score for us."

Gregg Popovich: "LaMarcus has got to score for us. He can't be timid. He turned down shots...He's got a major responsibility in Game 3."

LaMarcus Aldridge has $42 million left on his deal through 2019.

I doubt you her Popovich going "full court" about this last night:

Bytor Peltor 05.18.2017 01:27 PM

Eastern Conference Finals Game 1

James 8th 30-plus point game of the Playoffs: 34pts, 13-21FG, 8-9FT, 8reb, 7asst......James didn't finish the dunk, but this picture is representative of how the night went:

Since Dray called LeBron a bitch:

12 W's & 0 L's


Kevin Love - 32 pts
LeBron James - 38 pts

Last teammates to score more than 30 at Celtics in playoffs?

Jerry West & Elgin Baylor - 1966

Bytor Peltor 05.22.2017 08:19 AM

Game 3

Kevin Durant has his third 30-point/10-rebound game in the 2017 postseason (16th career in the playoffs) with 33 points and 10 rebounds.

All five Warriors starters have scored in double figures for the third time this postseason.


Per Elias, Manu Ginobili currently has the most points off bench in playoff game for a player 39 or older - since starts tracked in 1970-71


When you realize that David Lee is our for the rest of the Post-Season:

Bytor Peltor 05.22.2017 08:41 AM

Game 3 (first night in Cleveland)

Celtics’ play from the beginning was just so much more sustainable on both ends with those lineup changes.

LeBron got all star teammates and lost a home game with the other team missing their star player = NO HEART!!
11 points & 6 turnovers

Last time LeBron James played entire 4th quarter and didn't score at home......February 24, 2006 against Wizards

Cavaliers were 16.5 point favorites

---The upset is the largest upset in the NBA this season, largest in the last 20 postseasons

LeBron has taken 2 free throws in the final minute of a one-possession game this season......his career rate is ~17

Playoff Games With Fewer Than 15 points:

LeBron James: 6
Michael Jordon: 0

We've (still) never had two teams sweep their way to The Finals.


Simply put......the Celtics are a MUCH better defensive team with Isaiah Thomas OFF the court:



Bradley with Thomas: -4.6
Bradley w/out Thomas: +3.0

Vs. Cavs
AB w/ IT: -44.9
AB w/out IT: -15

Last night: -1.8


Bytor Peltor 05.23.2017 07:51 AM

Game 4 = Golden State SWEEPS their way to the NBA Finals

Warriors will make 3rd straight NBA Finals appearance......first team to start a postseason with 12 straight wins.

Stephen Curry hit 21 threes in the Western Conference Finals, setting the NBA record for most threes in a four-game series.

A Golden State Of Mind
2015: The New Hope
2016: The Empire Strikes Back
2017: The Return of the Jedi??

Klay Thompson averaged: 11ppg on 32.6% vs the 4 game sweep.
Klay averaged 22.3 ppg on 46.8% during the regular season.

It was an elimination game at home and Lamarcus Aldridge had 8 points and 7 rebounds

IF it was his last NBA game, this Spur legend did it with class!

Bytor Peltor 05.23.2017 07:55 AM

If this was Manu's last game-season, sadly for Rockets fans, he gave us one last iconic play:




Bytor Peltor 05.23.2017 07:59 AM


NO MATTER what happens in the Eastern Conference Finals, the NBA Finals won't start until June:

Game 1: Thursday, June 1 @ 6pm
Game 2: Sunday, June 4 @ 5pm

Steve Kerr (kind of) joins Pat Riley as only two to make it to the NBA Finals in each of first three seasons as head coach:

If it wasn't for the Cavilers last season, Golden State would be going for 3 in a row:

Bytor Peltor 05.25.2017 02:35 PM

Game 4

Boston led by as many as 16 points during the 1st half of Game was ALL Cleveland in the 2nd half:




TNT wraparound show KILLED it after the game......Chuck giving Shaq grief about riding Kobe's coattails could only happen on this show!!!

Chris Bosh news: porbably BEST he NEVER plays again, but if he somehow does, I'd bet on the Rockets giving him another shot!

_tunic_ 05.26.2017 04:54 AM

thanks for all the recaps of these playoff matches. I didn't get to see much of it besides the occasional short summary, these games usually start between 2 and 4 AM in my timezone. So who you think will win the finals?
My guess is GSW with 4-2 ...

Bytor Peltor 05.27.2017 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
thanks for all the recaps of these playoff matches. I didn't get to see much of it besides the occasional short summary, these games usually start between 2 and 4 AM in my timezone. So who you think will win the finals?
My guess is GSW with 4-2 ...

Thanks, I appreciate the fact someone other than myself is checking this thread out. Actually, I see Golden State winning in FIVE......on their home court. Of course, The Warriors had the opportunity to win in FIVE last year and we all know what happened.

Personally, the playoffs have been crap this season. Very few solid match-ups, mostly blowouts. Hopefully the Finals will be better, but I doubt it!

Bytor Peltor 05.27.2017 08:20 PM

Game 5 = Cavaliers headed to the Finals

LBJ: 35 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds
Kyrie: 24 points, 7 assists
Love: 15 pints, 11 rebounds
Deron: 14 points



13 = consecutive wins in series-clinching Playoff games – the longest such streak in NBA history.


Bytor Peltor 06.02.2017 02:51 PM

2017 NBA Finals Game One

LeBron James is now 1-7 in Game 1's of the NBA Finals.

LeBron James OVERALL losing record in the NBA Finals is now 17-24 for his career.

LeBron's 28 points was enough to surpass 6000 NBA Playoff Points!

75 games in 2017 NBA playoffs
46 decided by 10+ points
20 decided by 20+ points

•Durant: 23 points, 6 assist, 4 rebounds
•James: 19 points, 4 assist, 11 rebounds

At the end of the third quarter, Warriors lead the Cavaliers 93-72. Kevin Durant has a game-high 30 points......Durant parted the Sea of Cavaliers for some of the easiest layups & dunks:

Golden State outclassed Cleveland and dominated the entire game:
Durant 38
Curry 28

Most Points Without a Turnover - NBA Finals Game Last 30 Seasons
2000 Shaquille O'Neal 41
2017 Kevin Durant 38

Stephen Curry has tallied his first 20-point/10-assist game of the 2017 postseason (first 20-point/10-assist career game in The Finals)......the greatest shooter in the NBA was knocking down 3's from field-goal range:

Steph Curry - "Anything I try to do on the floor, I feel like I can accomplish."

Game 1 was LeBron James' 41st Finals game. It was just the 2nd time his team was outscored in each quarter. (2013- Spurs)

Steph continues to lead in plus-minus, +20......LeBron a minus-22.

Cavs defense = terrible in the regular season, didn't have a single steal in Game One......Golden State had 12.

Warriors tallied four turnovers last night, tying the NBA record for fewest turnovers in an NBA Finals game.

Fewest Turnovers for a Game in NBA Finals History

2017 Warriors 4
2013 Spurs 4
2005 Pistons 4

The Cavs have 13 players on their roster in the box score, six of them didn't score a point.

The Cavs shot better from 3PT (35.5%) than they did from the field (34.9%)...

Ummmm......Cavaliers are now 0-5 in NBA Finals games coached by Mike Brown.

Bytor Peltor 06.02.2017 02:57 PM

Rihanna was sitting court-side for Game 1

This doesn't mean a thing if they don't win the series......but the Warriors just achieved the highest (FLO) rating in NBA history:


Let me repeat: "Ummmm......Cavaliers are now 0-5 in NBA Finals games coached by Mike Brown."

Tyronn Lue didn't have a clue as what to do last night:


Bytor Peltor 06.04.2017 06:10 PM

About an hour until Tip-Off for Game 2 and ESPN lets this graphic hit the screen......ESPN knows:

Bytor Peltor 06.04.2017 08:29 PM

Half-Time Game 2

Cleveland put up 50 shots in the first half.

Cleveland had 20 turnovers in Game 1 --- a glaring must fix --- have 7 in first half......Golden State had 13 turnovers in the first half and lead by three.

LeBron's First-Half shot chart:


3 pointers
Cleveland 3/12
Warriors 8/20

Bytor Peltor 06.05.2017 08:59 AM

2017 NBA Finals Game 2


What was a 3 point game at HT ended up being a 29 point shellacking.

A Masterpiece performance by KD
33 points on 22 shots
5 blocks
3 steals
monster rebounding......his help D was incredible all game.

Steph jacking them up for the hash line.
32 points
10 rebounds
11 assist

Klay - 22 points 7 rebounds
Draymond - 12 points 6 rebounds 6 assist
Ian & Shaun......10 points each


Golden State hit an NBA Finals record 18 three-pointers (18-of-43 3FG, .419)

Steve Kerr: "The talent on the floor in this series is just unbelievable."

LeBron said there's a reason he didn't go to the podium, elected not to share that reason.

LeBron: "I don't want to get into what we could do better right now. It's too fresh."

The Cavs got outplayed in EVERY aspect of the game

ONE Saving Grace
Cavs lost by combined 48 points in Game 1 and Game 2 last year and went on to win the series......of course, Draymond was suspended and that Warrior team didn't have Keven Durant.


Bytor Peltor 06.09.2017 04:52 PM

2017 NBA Finals Game 3

How do LBJ and Kyrie each drop 40 on that efficiency and still lose at home there......that's how damn good Golden State is!!!

Steph Curry is averaging 29/10/9 and is a +52 in these Finals......HE WILL NOT win Finals MVP.

The Warriors have had two 30-point scorers in back-to-back Finals games, the 1st time a team has done so since 1962 (Lakers: West & Baylor)

Some would rather LeBron take on Dray and KD at the rim than pass to a wide-open Kyle freaking Korver:

Longest Scoreless Drought to End Finals Game - Last 15 Seasons
2016 Warriors 4:39 G7
2016 Cavaliers 3:22 G5
2017 Cavaliers 3:09 G3

Kerr on his plan against LeBron/Kyrie

LeBron - "I gave everything that I had to this game."
LeBron - “It’s the most firepower I’ve played in my career. Even when you plan well, you gotta play A++ because they’re going to make runs.”

LeBron played 45:37
45:37 w/LeBron on the floor, Cavs +7
2:23 w/LeBron off the floor, Cavs -12

4th Quarter in 2017 NBA Finals
Durant James
Points 31 11
FG 10-15 4-11

LeBron James by Quarter This Series
Points FG Pct
1st 39 70%
2nd 25 71%
3rd 21 40%
4th 11 36%

2017 Finals PER (After Game 3):
1. Durant: 32.4
2. LeBron: 29.2
3. Curry: 29.1
4. Love: 20.3
5. Kyrie: 15.8

For those thinking Cavs can comeback like being down 0-3 last year --REMEMBER--Draymond didn't get suspended for kicking out last year. He got suspended for an accumulation of Flagrant points. Flagrant's aren't an issue this year......and The Dubs have KD!

Tristan Thompson's stats in the finals
Game 1: 0 points, 4 rebs
Game 2: 8 pts, 4 reb
Game 3: 0 pts, 3 reb
80 million dollars in the bank

Bytor Peltor 06.09.2017 04:59 PM

And the stripes grow thinner:



Actor Michael Rappaport brought a broom......told where to put it by Cavs fans.

Severian 06.09.2017 08:13 PM

So... when the fuck is this shit over?

Golden State is the better team. Lebron is positively carrying the Cavs. I'm not even a basketball guy, but fuck... that team doesn't deserve him.

Plus, no offense to anyone who lives in Cleveland, but ... Cleveland is the lamest city in the U.S. Contrary to pop culture narrative, Cleveland does not rock, and is super lame.

Seattle, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, even fucking Portland... these cities rock. Cleveland is exactly like it's depicted on that episode of 30 Rock that's pretty much entirely devoted to making fun of Cleveland.

Bytor Peltor 06.11.2017 03:45 PM

2017 NBA Finals Game 4

The Cavaliers' 137 points are the most a team has scored in the NBA Finals when facing elimination.

LeBron James has the most triple-doubles in NBA Finals history = 9. Other than Magic Johnson, no other player has more than 2.

Ervin Magic Johnson: "Congratulations to Lebron James for becoming the King of Triple Doubles for the NBA Finals with 9 and breaking my record."


Kyrie Irving becomes just the 8th player in NBA history (dating back to 1963) with multiple 40-point games in the NBA Finals

The Cavaliers made an NBA Finals record 24 3-pointers in Game 4 while shooting over 50% from downtown.

Warriors Transition Points – NBA Finals
Game 1 26
Game 2 33
Game 3 40
Game 4 7

Curry -25
Durant -22
Iguodala +9

Steph Curry was a plus-52 in the Finals going into tonight. He was a minus-25 in Game 4.

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