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Gulasch Noir 10.07.2011 02:57 PM

met him yesterday, nice chap

am missing them today

when I want to be melancholic

hibbety hop


teuto Tanz

my mobile phone rings

Pookie 10.08.2011 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly

Just seen this. Made my day.

Genteel Death 10.08.2011 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by Gulasch Noir
Here's a nice clip by Heatsick (Steven Warwick of Birds Of Delay):

They are playing tonite in my town.

Steve is a great guy. Say hello to him.

I've seen Heatsick playing before but I have to admit it's not my thing, at least live. Not so much what he does, more how he's doing it.

Gulasch Noir 10.09.2011 06:27 AM


Originally Posted by Genteel Death
Steve is a great guy. Say hello to him.

I've seen Heatsick playing before but I have to admit it's not my thing, at least live. Not so much what he does, more how he's doing it.

I must say I enjoyed what he was playing. There haven't been many people at the venue, maybe 20, but nearly everyone was dancing.

Genteel Death 10.09.2011 07:41 AM

1 - The Factory-Path Through The Forest (Extended Version)

2 - Black Bug - The Wave

3 - Main - Rotary Eclipse

4 -
Apparat Organ Quartet: Romantika

5 - Magnifique - Magnifique

6 - Kamuran Akkor - Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz

Genteel Death 10.30.2011 07:21 AM

1 - Concord Dawn - Drifter

2 - Ildjarn - Mørkeheim

3 - Incapacitants - Live In Tajima, Fukushima, 25. AUG, 1991

4 - S.O.B 非常階段

5 - Iggy Pop & James Williamson ~ Kill City ~ I Got Nothin'

6 - Traitors Gate - Shoot To Kill

7 - Hoffnung & Psyche -- Untitled 7''

nicfit 11.04.2011 05:45 AM

you guys are kingmidain' the thread.

Danny Himself 11.19.2011 04:53 PM

1. PIGMEAT MARKHAM - Here Comes The Judge

2. EDDIE BO - Hook and Sling pt. I

3. WHITEFIELD BROTHERS - Weiya (Serengeti Beat)

4. SUGARMAN THREE - Turtle Walk


Glice 11.19.2011 05:13 PM

Oh look, it's Danny. Hello, Danny. How have you been?

Danny Himself 11.19.2011 06:00 PM

hello glice. i have been fine. how are you? the recent flurry of band-break-up reportage got me wondering why i don't pop in here more often.


Glice 11.20.2011 05:57 AM

Mmm. Shit's real. Done some moving and shit. Still wasting time on t'interbox. S'all chill.

Genteel Death 09.29.2012 05:12 PM

The Prats – Inverness

Partly Cloudy – Bus Ride

Factrix – Night to Forget!

Mission for Christ - Pennies From Hell

Drunks With Guns - Zombie

Fang - Landshark

Bugskull - Almost Blue

Eddy Detroit - Immortal Gods

Rustic Hinge - Mastadon

Nefeli 10.01.2012 06:40 AM

thanks, babe. i will check it out this afternoon.

evollove 10.03.2012 10:06 AM

New Bloods- Oh, Deadly Nightshade FC75&feature=results_video

John Cage playing amplified cacti and plant materials with a feather-

Try by Michael Penn, directed by PT Anderson. Best long take ever?-

So fucking awesome, I don't want to spoil the surprise-

Genteel Death 04.13.2014 03:22 AM

Country Teasers - Golden Apples

Babayaga Ojo - Starzejesz Sie

Stato di Polizia - Paura

UBR - Tvoj Bog

Sacrilege - Dig Your Own Grave

Tozibabe - Moja Praznina/Lutke

Nefeli 04.13.2014 03:58 AM

Graham Lambkin / Jason Lescalleet ‎- Air Supply

vapour theories live

bardo pond - button

my friend goo live

henry flynt - violin strobe

henry flynt - you are my everlovin'

le face -dancing in anxiety

no comp exactly/ some of the stuff i listened-checked out yesterday

Genteel Death 11.20.2019 03:34 PM

• ISS –Part time all the time

• John Fahey

• Dick Hyman - Kolumbo

• Peter Gutteridge – Hang On

• Teledetente 666 - Les Rats

• Kim Fowley – Strangers From the Sky UIWEM

• Come - Off to One Side

• Six Organs of Admittance – Spirits Abandoned

• Destroy All Monsters – Paranoid of Blondes qHMkMgB7KsmY

• Nikki Sudden – Chelsea Embankment

• The Pink Noise – The Put On
• Joan Baez – Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word

• Warlus – A Girl Like You w6lf0_zOi-UA

• Sajida Obeid - Mesafrah

• Willie Nelson – Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

• People Skills – The Trench

• Dr P Li Khan - Bärte Fragen

• Hawkwind – Brainstorm

• Pierre Henry – Penetration

• Voces en la jungla – Monaguillosh ciP3Y

• Rodion G.A. – Citadela

• Lydia Marcelle – The Girl He Needs

• Brainbombs – Time You Left (This World Today)

• S. Shabalala – Badilize

• Snapper – Buddy

• Lorenzo Senni - Elegant and Never Tiring

• The Apostles – Onye Akpa

• Rusted Shut – Hatchet

• Michael O’Shea - No Journey’s End

• Frankie Dymon Jr - Aftermyth

• Los Llamarada – Against the Day

• Ricci Rucker - I'm Glad You See Now (One Tree Does Not Make A Forest)

Bytor Peltor 11.20.2019 07:23 PM

One hell of a playlist, Genteel:

By far my favorite Willie Nelson song!

I got to hang out and visit with Don Walsh (Rusted Shut) at the Wolf Eyes show earlier this month. That dude is straight up hard core punk rocker!


Originally Posted by Genteel Death
• Willie Nelson – Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

• Rusted Shut – Hatchet

_tunic_ 11.21.2019 03:31 AM

not exactly sure what the premise is of this thread, but I'll share a playlist of all the vids I uploaded to YT

Genteel Death 11.21.2019 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
not exactly sure what the premise is of this thread

Posting links to some music, I suppose.

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