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akesin 07.21.2009 03:05 PM

thurston and lee on live NOW
interview plus acoustic set on in minneapolis. Look for the stream of THE CURRENT..

Amnesiac3240 07.21.2009 03:09 PM

How about I would rather die than listen to the homogeny that is the Current

nicfit 07.21.2009 03:48 PM

This was GREAT!
I jumped in a bit late, they were already playing antenna, a bit of chat (lee talking about an ex getting deaf at a gig etc), then they played Walking Blue (A M A Z I N G) and a bit of chat and "Poison Arrow" (reeeeeeeeally cool).
I messed up the recording of the stream coz I was in a rush (opened forum-found this thread-went listening) I hope it will be archived...

stu666 07.21.2009 04:52 PM

i missed this, anyone record it?

Antagon 07.21.2009 07:51 PM

I just recorded a small part of it, including Lee and Thurston performing "Poison Arrow"

Antagon 07.21.2009 08:52 PM

Edited for your conveniance.
Not the complete interview but good parts of it.
Starts in the middle of the performance of "Walking Blue", then fades into the interview.

Dead-Air 07.21.2009 10:48 PM

Wow, that version of "Poison Arrow" was awesome. How cool to hear Thurston and Lee alone together. I've never heard that before in terms of music in twenty five years of following the band.

stu666 07.22.2009 01:30 AM

thanks Antagon but how do i get more than the 30 second preview?

DanielCarlson 07.22.2009 04:08 AM

I can't play it at all. Hmm.

Antagon 07.22.2009 05:10 AM


Originally Posted by stu666
thanks Antagon but how do i get more than the 30 second preview?

Hm, that is weird but if you want I can e-mail you the original file

mil_pl 07.22.2009 07:39 AM

it works for me, poison arrow sounds nice acoustic with those effects and only lees voice is making it funny in the chorus. thanks.

DanielCarlson 07.22.2009 07:54 AM

It worked in another browser, thanks! It sounds great.

barnaclelapse 07.22.2009 09:19 AM

Good stuff.

Kudos for tossing this our way.

greenlight 07.22.2009 11:02 AM

new songs performed by only two in electro-acoustic version sound amazing. thanks for this!

stu666 07.22.2009 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon
Hm, that is weird but if you want I can e-mail you the original file

yes please!

sarramkrop 07.22.2009 07:16 PM

Can anyone please up the file for this? Thank you.

nicfit 07.23.2009 02:25 AM


nicfit 07.23.2009 04:55 AM

downloadable mp3:
I didn't split it coz I like the flow (and it's not ultra long, so skipping a bit for those not interested in the interview bits is not much of an hassle..).

sarramkrop 07.23.2009 01:07 PM

thanks nicfit

greenlight 07.23.2009 02:39 PM


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