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k-krack 08.19.2007 03:11 AM

I'm playing my first show Hallowe'en!
I'm so stoked!
Hallowe'en cover shows are a tradtion here. A bunch of people, never actual bands, get together and play sets by some of their favourite bands, and it's always a total blast... well, I just happen to be playing in one such band, my first show!
Me and my best bros are playing a Pixies cover set, WOO!
So far, the set is to include:
Where Is My Mind?
Bone Machine
Rock Music
Something Against You
I Bleed

and hopefully Vamos and Dig For Fire... if we don't play Vamos, I'll be really upset...

Well, that's all! I'm super-stoked!!!

pbradley 08.19.2007 03:35 AM

The Dicksies?

Rob Instigator 08.19.2007 12:43 PM

fucking awesome man. I wish I could rock live. soon. soooon,.

kick the sets ass!

TheDom 08.19.2007 02:04 PM

good luck, man!

you should play broken face!

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