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Foreskin Forcefield 11.25.2010 04:54 PM

12/3 - Eugenics Council / Corephallism - Chicago Live Action


December 3. 2010. Ball Hall. Chicago.
$5 Suggested donation. 9pm. Bring Drugs.
chiballhall at g male dot com for more information.



The Eugenics Council was formed in 1995 by Apop Records owners Dustin Neuwmann & Rosemary Malign. Since that time the lineup has often changed, the one constant always being Dustin Neuwmann. Eugenics Council live performances are known for having a violent confrontational nature which has included the use of heavy explosives, tazers, uncontrolled fires, large machinery, stun guns, tear gas and on occasion shotguns.



Conceived in the winter of 2008 Corephallism is the solo project of Boston, MA noise artist Shane M. Broderick who is probably most known for his work in the power electronics outfit Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck. Mr. Broderick uses analog synthesizers and tape/record player manipulation to provoke the most upsetting and negative emotions imaginable. Nauseating waves of pulsing ambience and bleak soundscapes that collide with relentless walls of synth death punishment.

Glice 11.25.2010 05:43 PM

I can't believe Eugenics Council are still going. What are they like now?

Toilet & Bowels 11.25.2010 06:25 PM

I think they're playing an ATP Don't Look Back soon

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