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Bytor Peltor 04.02.2019 04:07 PM

I didnít realize they were still active......even a new album last year. There music is great on mixtapes. Enjoy the show!


Originally Posted by Peterpuff
I've got Black Moth Super Rainbow coming up in a few days. Really been wanting to see them for awhile now. Really, REALLY small venue too. One of my favs to see shows at.

Antagon 04.02.2019 05:02 PM

I just went to a gig of one of my friends. Her band was co-headlining with the Atlanta-based outfit Material Girls. I didn't know them beforehand, but now I do, oh do I. That was a fucking phenomenal gig. They're a fine blend of early 80s Dancepunk in the vein of Bush Tetras or Delta 5, some James Chance-esque jazzy No Wave, dark bluesy crooning a la Crime And The City Solution or early Nick Cave and some gloomy slow Goth numbers with a certain Siouxsie twist. And they fucking milked it for all it's worth. They would constantly change the parts they were playing. Four of them got to sing a few tracks, each of them in their destinct style. And they would pass around instruments like it was some kind of currency - with highly energetic antics to boot. And that sweet bass. Fuck, I'm impressed.

Peterpuff 04.03.2019 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
I didnít realize they were still active......even a new album last year. There music is great on mixtapes. Enjoy the show!

Hey, thanks, man. I will enjoy it!

Yeah, I did not realize they were still active either until I saw them listed on the venue's website. That album also totally slipped under my radar.

Toilet & Bowels 04.03.2019 01:43 PM

I'm seeing The Renderers on Saturday which I'm very excited about

GravitySlips 04.03.2019 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by Toilet & Bowels
I'm seeing The Renderers on Saturday which I'm very excited about

From New Zealand?
Are they touring the UK (if so)?

Toilet & Bowels 04.03.2019 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by GravitySlips
From New Zealand?
Are they touring the UK (if so)?

Yes from New Zealand. Don't know about a tour but they are paying in London

Toilet & Bowels 04.03.2019 05:36 PM

They fb page only mentions a London show and doesn't say anything about a tour

GravitySlips 04.04.2019 04:22 AM

OK, thanks - too little time for me to make it down to London, unfortunately. Shame because they're a great band, would've loved to see them.

Hope you enjoy the gig.

jimbrim 04.08.2019 04:33 PM

I saw Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano play solo sets and then as duo on Friday and it was incredible

I was planning to see Twig Harper and Bill Nace in London at the end of the month but now contemplating grabbing a ticket for Colour Out of Space festival and seeing them there instead

Toilet & Bowels 04.09.2019 08:16 AM

Bill Nace is playing with Samara Lubelski a few days after COoS at Iklektik

Toilet & Bowels 04.11.2019 07:56 AM

My gig schedule for the next few months:

Chie Mukai
Glands of External Secretion, Bill Nace + Twig Harper
Bill Nace + Samara Lubelski
Pain Jerk & Russell Haswell
Maya Dunietz playing the music of Tsegue Mariam Guebrou
Constant Mongrel
Apartment House playing Linda Catlin Smith
A performance of a new piece of music by Catherine Lamb
And a couple of other things hopefully

Antagon 06.04.2019 02:04 PM

Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise in less than an hour.

Peterpuff 06.04.2019 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon
Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise in less than an hour.

Enjoy it! Never seen Lydia, but would love to. Very jealous.

Peterpuff 06.05.2019 08:55 AM

Probably not hitting all these, but this is my "of interest" list for upcoming shows:

6/13 - Thundercat - Tower Theater
6/24 - Bela Fleck and Flecktones / Victor Wooten
6/27 - American Football - Dallas - Trees
6/30 - Appleseed Cast - 89th Street Collective
7/1 - X - Tower Theater
7/12 - Broncho/Colourmusic/Deerpeople
7/22 - Built to Spill - Tower Theater
7/26 - We Were Promised Jetpacks - Dallas - Club DaDa
7/28 - Alice Cooper - OKC Zoo
8/8 - Pedro the Lion / MeWithoutYou - Tower Theater
8/9 - Pedro the Lion / MeWithoutYou - Dallas - Canton Hall
8/14 - This Will Destroy You - Tower
9/29 - Nick Offerman - Criterion
10/7 - Animal Collective - Cain's Ballroom
10/20 - Tenacious D - Criterion
10/22 - Wilco - Cain's Ballroom
10/24 - Explosions in the Sky - Criterion
11/8 - Sleater-Kinney - Dallas - House of Blues

EVOLghost 06.05.2019 02:21 PM

Tenacious D are doing shows? Oh man. I’ve always wanted to catch them live!!

Peterpuff 06.05.2019 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost
Tenacious D are doing shows? Oh man. I’ve always wanted to catch them live!!

Yeah, I am pretty excited about that one, actually. Just for the good times it should be. They look to have a short Europe stint booked, then about 20 U.S. shows scheduled.

_tunic_ 06.22.2019 05:41 PM

Neil Young is coming by in July with Promise Of The Real. Heavily contemplating to go, so I probably will, even though I would much rather see him again with the Crazy Horse. He's the only artist I would pay the big money for. Standing ticket was like 85 Euros

Also Graham Nash. Not sure yet if I would be seeing him though, but it's half the price as Neil

Moshe 06.24.2019 02:25 AM

Tiny Fingers - Barby, Tel Aviv
Mono - Barby, Tel Aviv
Ghedalia Tazartes - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv
Godflesh - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

Neurosis - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Big Lad - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Hey Colossus - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Savage Realm - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Yob - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Do.omyoga featuring Henge - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Aja - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Big Joanie - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Blanket - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
CZN - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Daniel Higgs - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Faten Kanaan- Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Hen Ogledd - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
HHY & The Macumbas - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Matters - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Prison Religion - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
The Body - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
The Bug feat. Moor Mother - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Air Loom - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Anna von Hausswolff - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Body/Vice - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Dalek - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Haress - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Jerusalem In My Heart - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Mono - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
The Seer - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight - The Dome, London
Weedeater - The Dome, London
ASG - The Dome, London

Eyehategod - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv
Harakiri For The Sky - Gagarin, Tel Aviv
Tropical Fuck Storm - Barby, Tel Aviv
Laibach -Reading 3, Tel Aviv

_tunic_ 06.24.2019 04:11 AM

show-off :D

Moshe 06.28.2019 06:01 AM

:p :p :p

Originally Posted by _tunic_
show-off :D

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