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charles eugene 05.20.2008 08:35 PM

I saw the trailer for the new Hulk and i dont think it looks any better than the last one, but i hope im wrong.

I last watched, There Will Be Blood. Such a good movie, very well done and true to life. Daniel Day Lewis kicked serious ass with that role. The soundtrack i think(though not alot of music in the film, which i like) was done by the radiohead guy and i thought it was good.

Silent Dan Speaks 05.21.2008 02:28 AM

Breathless. I kind of had a sad bastard night, so I put that in. I think I like it a little bit more every time I watch it.

Cantankerous 05.21.2008 02:35 AM


Originally Posted by Silent Dan Speaks
Breathless. I kind of had a sad bastard night, so I put that in. I think I like it a little bit more every time I watch it.

i love that movie


DeadDiscoDildo 05.21.2008 02:38 AM

saw iron man, it was ok....couldnt stop thinking about the new batman movie after that fucking trailer. new hulk looked better until they showed the hulk, whats with the cgi self love fest with that fucking character, the 70s show hulk looked cooler....

mangajunky 05.21.2008 10:06 AM

A Boy and His Dog - Don Johnson is fucking awful, the dog kicked ass.

krastian 05.21.2008 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by batreleaser
has anyone seen the preview for "the incredible hulk"?. it looks amazing. i hope they do this one right, they tried to make the one with eric bana artsy and ended up making a shit movie.

Yeah, it looks pretty awesome. They made this one is supposed to be more on the lines of the old school Bill Bixby Hulk tv series where the Hulk is shown as a weird loner. Also, in the trailer where he's turning into the Hulk and his eyes are all green is def. right out of the tv series.....fucking right.

The Hulk is easy my favorite comic/superhero guy ever. He's not a good guy or a bad guy....he's just a nut.


gmku 05.21.2008 01:11 PM

Casino Royale. Best Bond movie ever. In fact, it is the only decent Bond movie ever made.

"Why should I need more time? The job is done. The bitch is dead."

Rob Instigator 05.21.2008 01:34 PM

Casino Royale was fucking GREAT

I cannot wait for the next one.

gmku 05.21.2008 01:44 PM

Yeah, man. It only took them, what, four decades to finally get it right? Just hope they don't fuck it up with the next one.

atsonicpark 05.21.2008 01:58 PM

blood was too short to really do anything, though blood+ is pretty neat.

28 weeks later sucked.

death proof was honestly the worst film i've ever seen.

Movies I've watched in the past month and a half or so (with ratings!):
end of evangelion - 9/10
snot rocket and super detective - 4/10
dumbland: complete series - 7/10
a dirty shame - 5/10
2001 maniacs - 7/10
eli, eli, rema, sabachthani? - 8/10
demon of paradise - 4/10
beyond the mat - 7/10
rocky balboa - 5/10
mysterians - 6/10
hard to kill - 6/10
galaxy invader - 8/10 (actually a 0/10 but hilarious!)
reefie's madhouse - 0/10
the illusionist - 7/10
the dark backward - 7/10
ronin - 7/10
house - 7/10
crash [not the awesome cronenberg film but the pointless racist comedy] - 4/10
Wild Hogs - 2/10
devil's prey - 3/10
the nun - 1/10
commando - 6/10
pleasuredrivers - 7/10
Fistful of Dollars - 7/10
Avant Garde Cinema of the 1920's-1930's - [no rating, some of it was amazing, most was boring, but it was like 6 hours of shorts so yeah...]
Death Powder - 10/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!
Love is the Devil - 5/10
About Schmidt - 7/10
Almost Famous - 5/10
Gore From Outer Space - 6/10
Hunting Creatures - 3/10
Lost in Translation - 6/10
Cheerleader Camp - 6/10
phantom of regular size - 9/10
electric rod boy - 7/10
tokyo scanner - dunno if I can rate this -- but it was crazy!
buio omega: beyond the darkness - 8/10
beautiful beast - 7/10
children of the living dead - 2/10
Visions of Suffering - 7/10
Once Upon a Time in the West - 9/10

Rob Instigator 05.21.2008 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
blood was too short to really do anything, though blood+ is pretty neat.

I treated it like a very good comic book, like a short story. I like grisly anime killins (pronounced Kee-ah-lins)

Silent Dan Speaks 05.25.2008 01:04 AM

Just finished The Proposition and I fucking loved it.

nicfit 05.25.2008 01:16 AM

the new indy..gaaaaaaaah.

Cantankerous 05.25.2008 01:18 AM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
i love that movie



steve newman 05.25.2008 01:21 AM

the forbidden kingdom and sum of all fears. why? i don't know.

Rob Instigator 05.25.2008 10:14 AM

The Killer


The Golden Compass

Savage Clone 05.25.2008 10:21 AM

The Devil Rides Out w/Christopher Lee

Hammer cheapness=awesome

Toilet & Bowels 05.25.2008 10:31 AM

Today i've watched 30 Days of Night, which was OK, and Shanghai Noon which was fun.
Yesterday I watched A Room For Romeo Brass, which I thought was good, Legalize Murder, which was pretty enjoyable, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, which I'd seen before and like a lot.

toxic johnny 05.25.2008 12:02 PM

Cassandra's Dream... awful
Caramel... suprisingly good
In Bruges... 40% suprisingly good, 60% awful
Elegy... awful

greenlight 05.25.2008 01:15 PM

not yet, but I'm going watch NAKED (1993) tonight. find it on the web after long time of searching. there's that speech he has about evolution, future The Orb used in one of their tracks. cool speech. really looking forward. anybody seen it?

by the way, movie fans check this blog, cool movies, I mean you can't find old ones, Europeans movies that easy. check it out.

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