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gmku 05.29.2008 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly

Bob, just because you're a fuck-up doesn't mean you're not my brother.

floatingslowly 05.29.2008 03:26 PM

Sorry. That gay was for girlgun. I was doing 80 down the freeway at the time so cut me some slack.

mangajunky 05.29.2008 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
Finally got to see this...

<party monster image>
I rather enjoyed it.

That was a cool flick - saw it on IFC. Lot's of overdramatic people. Reminds me of clicks I've been around.

I saw Crystal Skull and Iron Man this weekend.

Crystal Skull felt like too much was filmed on a set and not on location. Action sequences were mostly cool. I liked the chase around New Haven, Ct.

Iron Man was well-done. The soundtrack was kinda weak.

DNAINTHEDNA 05.29.2008 03:32 PM

Howard Stern Private Parts

gmku 05.29.2008 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly
Sorry. That gay was for girlgun. I was doing 80 down the freeway at the time so cut me some slack.


Crypto just lost a close friend to impaired driving & you sit there and tell us you were driving while online?

What the fuck is this world coming to? Is it any wonder I'm growing more and more afraid to leave the house?

█████████ 05.30.2008 09:16 AM

jacob's ladder

Pookie 05.30.2008 09:28 AM

Just finished watching this gem:

DNAINTHEDNA 05.30.2008 09:30 AM


h8kurdt 05.31.2008 03:46 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama

I think I liked it more becuz I dig George Romero. There is a part where dude rams stake through dead head and big chunky gooey brain piece sticks to the stake, that was cool.

Aww no way! I hated that film. That firggin bit where that lass gets chased by one zombie whilst that twat of a dude just stands there and films it was high on the cringe-o-meter for me "is this your film now"

Just bloody awful.

Ripchord 05.31.2008 01:06 PM


fugazifan 05.31.2008 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by Ripchord

excellent movie
saw there will be blood
brilliant brilliant brilliant

king_buzzo 05.31.2008 06:03 PM

rebel without a cause.

atsonicpark 05.31.2008 06:15 PM

machine girl - 9/10
Hot Asian schoolgirl in a film produced by the always-reliable Tokyoshock. Can be found for $12 at Wal-Mart (!!!! They sell unrated films their now? And gore films even?!). Total gore film, actually probably the goriest film I've seen since Murder Set Pieces (meh), Premutos, and Dead Alive. Up there with Riki-Oh's gore actually. There might be more in this: Heads being blown off, people being cut in pieces by chainsaws, blood spurting EVERYWHERE ENDLESSLY, uh.. a scene where a woman vomits blood and then mucus and pus and then her own interestines out.. Hilarious comedy, kung-fu, and almost every kid in this film gets killed. Every KID. Every CHILD. Tons of explicit child murders! It's hilarious and a good time for all and probably the best film I've seen since the 00's started. Highly reccomended.

Visions of Suffering - 7/10
Without a doubt, the most fucked-up film you will ever see in your life. I can't even explain it. More fucked up than Id, Begotten, Holy Mountian, Tetsuo, Videodrome, etc. COMBINED. Uh... every film effect you can think of is used... 3D scythes ripping open testicles.. fuck, I can't even explain this, you just have to see it...

diary of the dead - 4/10
Can't figure out whether to call this "diary of the dud" or "diary of the dull". Completely lame. Romero keeps proving he is an untalented hack. He has precisely 3 good films -- Dawn of the Dead, Crazies, and Martin (Night is alright but it's bested by Tom Savini's remake!). His "Dead" films in particular have been getting a lot worse as of late. This one is interesting, and it's well-directed... I like the long takes, the "no cuts at all and then a gore scene would happen"; it's actually pretty revolutionary. So, yeah, as a sign of things to come in the world of movies, it's pretty inspiring. As a film, it's completely uninspired. More stupid social commentary, the zombies looked like shit, the gore was alright but actually pretty cheesy, there were hardly any zombies, the characters were annoying, and it just.. didn't... DO anything. It didn't really go anywhere, instead it was Romero trying to make some obvious and cliche points about paranoia and the effects of the internet/tv/etc. Predictable and boring.

I also saw:
the hole - 5/10
the prowler - 7/10
the creeps - 6/10
netherworld - 5/10
city of blood - 4/10
mirror of death - 6/10

HECKLER SPRAY 05.31.2008 06:18 PM

28 days after.

Everyneurotic 05.31.2008 07:06 PM

last wednesday i saw:

iron man, a lot better than expected, i had a ton of fun. love that they included the coda part of the song at the end, and i laughed whenever jeff bridges spoke because i kept thinking about the dude.

then indiana jones (i haven't done a double feature at the theater in a decade maybe), exactly what i expected, cate blanchett's comedic acting notwithstanding. again, tons of fun.

and i have returned from the movies and saw:

niwemang, awesome awesome awesome!!! can't recommend it enough, total doom movie, the music rules and the story is great, it's comedy is so dark yet funny, i sometimes laughed without knowing if it was something bad happening. great story, amazing scenes. i recommend it again.

charles eugene 05.31.2008 10:13 PM

^ yea Iron Man kicked so much more ass than i thought

I recently watched this movie called Dark City, i think the director also did The Crow. Anyway at first i thought it was gonna be cheesy but really turned out great, suspensful and gave alot to think about

steve newman 05.31.2008 10:24 PM

watched indiana jones and kingdom.... pretty good for what it is. waiting for the happening to be released.

EMMAh 05.31.2008 10:44 PM


I didn't feel like watching it but someone put it on. It was hot and I couldn't sleep so Ray was watched instead of me, sleeping.

Eventually we all confirmed that no one was passed out and we found a fan, plugged the thing in and went to bed. Nice and cool.

Ray just isn't a movie I ever feel like watching, although it is a fairly good movie.

Sonic Youth 37 05.31.2008 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by Kegmama


^ this. Meh.

tw2113 05.31.2008 11:54 PM

Carrie, for my first time ever

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