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gohleekwang 09.20.2010 08:14 AM

Zbigniew Karkowski / Kelly Churko :::: Infallibilism
dEAR friends,

We are happy to announce our new release on Herbal Concrete Disc series
Zbigniew Karkowski / Kelly Churko :::: Infallibilism


All Tracks recorded live
Track 1 Recorded August 12, 2008 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu by Cal Lyall.
Track 2 Recorded May 3, 2008 at Soup, Ochiai by Taro Noguchi.
Track 3 Recorded September 28, 2008 at Soup, Ochiai by Taro Noguchi.
Track 4 Recorded February 8, 2009 at Roots, Keonji by in-house sound engineer .

Edited at Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo.
Mastered at C Squared, Los Angeles, California.

Thanks to for software.

Artwork & design by Yoko.

Audio CD, 6 panels digipak
30 minutes+
Release date: Sept 2010
12 Euros + shipping
Visit our webpage for more releases and information
Inquiries from shops & distributors welcome.

gohleekwang 11.02.2010 09:48 PM

2 reviews

Monsieur Delire
Un disque court (30 minutes) offrant quatre pièces enregistrées à
trois occasions. Un duo ultra-bruitiste - la manière de Karkowski est
bien connu: un mur de bruit blanc. Mais Infallibilism est un disque
coup de poing, très puissant, douloureux mais chirurgical dans ses
interventions sur nos émotions et perceptions. Du solide.
A short album (30 minutes) featuring four pieces recorded on three
separate occasions. An ultra-noisy duo - we all know Karkowski’s modus
operandi: a wall of white noise. Infallibilism is goes straight to the
guts. A very powerful record, painful but its interventions attack our
feelings and perceptions with surgical precision. Strong stuff.
- Francois Couture -

Vital Weekly
Four tracks - Track one.. "sustained pressure", very harsh (whiteish)
noise overload. beautiful torrent .. two .. "subjective probability".
Partly similar part disconnected hum three. "The pleasure of the
interval". Begins with very low bass & volume hum and glitches
building or morphing into drone gong and ending in glicthy high
pitched noises. Four .., "de-vein". industrial air conditioners fairly
static process of filtering to lower frequencies very unlike track 1's
incoherence. All these we are told are live tracks, but makes little
difference as with the exception of the first track the hand or mind,
sub conscious (or not) is clearly at work, perhaps under the guise or
old pretext of being "experimental" or psychological or
psycho-acoustic or even 'industrial' surrealism.. there is sufficient
'surface' - as in made surface or space - authorship- to attach a
label . 'Not that there is anything wrong with that' proviso added
here, if you want 'music' of some sort then its to be found easily
with the exception of track one. I suppose why you would want to find
music is your own thing, and as such should be respected, but as
someone said somewhere else - liberal toleration is a form of
totalitarianism just like anything else, the failure of metaphysics
was more than an act of enlightened integrity but gave the chance of
religiosity to re-emerge unchallenged, as such I suppose those who
prefer tracks two, three, and four should be dragged screaming from
their houses and burnt alive?
- Jliat -

hat and bread 11.03.2010 01:35 AM

I was at at least two of these shows. Powerful stuff indeed, these two. Kelly Churko is a champ!!

gohleekwang 12.28.2010 11:48 PM

From Paris Transatlantic

No need to tell you who Karkowski is – anyone who's spent time listening to computerized harshness will be familiar with his no-nonsense, chip-on-a-shoulder attitude and a handful of good to almost great recordings – but I had to google to find out that Churko is a (younger) Canadian based in Japan who's worked with artists as diverse as Ilios, Tim Olive, Harris Eisenstadt and Paal Nilssen Love. Infallibilism, recorded live in Japan from May 2008 through February 2009, is exactly what you would expect: 32-plus minutes of white (grey, black and pink..) noise and crazed fragments of granular ball-gripping distortion – the lone exception being the subterranean tremors of "The Pleasure Of Interval" – with the customary threat for the ears if you try to raise the volume a bit more than necessary. Not an overly shocking record, but definitely up to standard in a genre that needs serious homework to be considered worthy of respect. Test passed.
- Massimo Ricci -

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