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Georgekrz 12.29.2009 10:54 AM

SY in LA - Pomona
Anyone know if there's a bus or a train that will get you from Pomona to LA/Hollywood after the show? Info on the LA transit website is sketchy, train doesn't run at night?

jon boy 12.29.2009 12:37 PM

thats the big problem with LA. i dont think that the train will run, the last one is at like 6.45pm.

chicka 12.29.2009 12:53 PM

sounds like you need to get an extra ticket and treat the driver if necessary

Moshe 12.30.2009 07:02 AM


SuchFriendsAreDangerous 12.30.2009 01:01 PM

going from Pomona to LA is like going from the Bronx to Hempstead, it is a bit of a commute ;)

and further, there is absolutely NO bus and NO train which will get you there, I try to get to the Glasshouse all the time to no avail..

but when yr in LA, the Wiltern is right on the corner of the Purple Line subway, at Wilshire and Western

ymjon 12.31.2009 10:35 PM
try Pomona Transit Center for start location

There is a bus that leaves Pomona for LA @ about 11:20 PM but that may be cutting it close...

I live 5 minutes away from the place in Pomona so I don't have to worry about it, but I also have a ticket for the next night at the Wiltern and I have to figure how to get to there and back to Pomona also....

It sucks not being able to drive...

Georgekrz 01.02.2010 12:11 AM

Thanks for the tips. yeah, might be stuck there till 1 am.

I think the show in LA, you'd get out at Union Station (either take the bus or the train) and take the subway from there right to the Wiltern, the purple line, but coming back I'm not sure what time the subway stops running. maybe a night bus line from there goes to Union Station?

static-harmony 01.05.2010 10:47 PM

Imma see them on sat.

SonikJesus 01.08.2010 08:30 PM

bout to head out to this show. A few mins from my house. I'll probably be tweetimg some pics from my ihone so you guys can follow me if you want. my Twitter thing is chuythejazblstr.

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