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Soundtrax 03.27.2006 09:39 AM

My Rather Ripped Dream
hi guys :) i just wanted to share with you, that today i had a dream about listening to rather ripped for the first time... unfortunately i dont remember the melodies, but i can remember it fucking rocked :) i woke up very happy that now i can listen to Rather Ripped finaly, but soon realized, it was just in my dream :(

Inhuman 03.27.2006 09:59 AM

Awww, I had a similar dream last week, but it was just about listening to "Do you Believe in Rapture". It sounded kind of like The Empty Page, it was neat.

Fox 03.27.2006 02:48 PM

One day I dreamt that Sonic Youth was located in my town and that I was a member of the band...

Soundtrax 03.27.2006 06:09 PM

we are all a bunch of fanatic extremist sonic terrorist fans lol :D:D:D

SonikJesus 03.28.2006 12:48 AM

I had a dream in which I got a copy of EVOL deluxe a couple of nights ago.

dietzer123 03.28.2006 01:11 AM

i had a dream that sonic youth posted about their fans and hamburgers ate people

Soundtrax 03.28.2006 04:24 AM

i had sonic dream again today, but dont remember what was going on... i think i am sonic youth obsessed and un-sexee :D

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