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max 03.25.2006 12:34 PM

these are my three bands:

recs of the flesh
dahlia indaco

i'm in charge for vocals, guitars, lyrics and (where/when needed) programming + synths.

hambu hodo 03.25.2006 03:16 PM

i have played in a band called passiou from baltimore, and now i play drums for a dude named carter tanton in massachusetts.

Hip Priest 03.25.2006 03:27 PM

"Do you have a band?????"



samuel 03.25.2006 03:31 PM

Do I have a band?

When summer time comes along
and my friends and I get bored
I'm sure I'll have a "band"


naomi 03.26.2006 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by nicfit
ha ha,naomi,in italian diosa (actually dio sa )means "god knows"...nice flyer!

wow, i didnt know that!!

in spanish it means goddess, and that is how we got the name.

i have the rough mix of my demo now, i wont post it yet, but if anyone really really wants to hear it, send me a pm, and i can give you a link to one of the songs. when its finished i'll post it here though. :)

CHOUT 03.26.2006 08:56 PM

You seriously need to get a band happening in Vegas, Guitarpro!

I'm releasing a cd by Guitarpro's old band Asslunch, for those interested.
The cover will be quite appetizing, to say the least.

golden child 03.26.2006 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by HaydenAsche
Inhuman, you look like a total hxc kid. Are you scene as all hell?

aw, theres no laughing smilie

so ill commence with


HaydenAsche 03.26.2006 09:16 PM

He never answered the question!!!

sellouteater 03.27.2006 01:37 AM

any one want to start a johhny cash cover band

guitarpro 03.27.2006 09:41 AM

Spanks 03.28.2006 04:06 PM

yessir Space Geeks

dust in orbit 03.29.2006 02:13 AM

i'm in a band. but we're looking for a drummer at the moment so progress is weak.

therealglenstyler 03.31.2006 03:23 AM

I am in I Own KIngs and Van Swank IOK is the wierdy pop weimar cabaret broadway thrash explosion and Van Swank is the wierdy clicky SY funk solo perv fest.

j_hindsight 03.31.2006 05:54 AM

I'm in a band called To The Bones. I play guitar and keyboards and we're a sonic youth rock and roll band, honest

The 97th Hammer 04.01.2006 01:10 AM

I was in band called the Washing Machines for like an hour. I played Washing Machine and a friend played Dryer and wore a Washing Machine pin.All I got out of it was that I supposedly have a reasonable sense of rhythm so perhaps I should get off my ass and learn drums.

Ignatius J.Reilly 04.01.2006 04:44 AM

i run a small label Fm/Am
the band im in is called Fuck You,Rocker!
we're an improv drone thing with drum solos.
i don't play drums.

L@is 04.01.2006 09:29 AM

Band Trocaico. I just sing....

In myspace we dont have many musics....we are working!!!!

Grete 04.02.2006 03:17 PM


Thomas Moronic 04.03.2006 09:56 AM

I run a tiny little label and play in a few bands/projects.
If anyone's bored, have a listen at
or or at

fort awesome 04.05.2006 07:00 PM

I play bass/electronix and sing sometimes in the band Mad Hampster.
Kinda bluesy punky Johnny Thunders influenced stuff initially with a (lately) experimental bent. We've been toying with synths and random electronics as of late.
Judge for yerself, listen to our 3 song demo...

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